Dora & The Lost City Of Gold - Everything You Need To Know

Dora & The Lost City Of Gold - Everything You Need To Know

We all know Dora as a loveable, cute explorer. Helping out her friends with her just as cute sidekick, Boots The Monkey! However, this August 2nd, Dora will take the silver screen, but not as we've known her before. 

Titled Dora and the Lost City of Gold, the adaptation will take the beloved adventurer through the rough-and-tumbles of adolescent crushes and familial relationships — all while solving the mystery of a lost Inca civilization.

17-year-old actress Isabela Moner will star as Dora, and will navigate the big-screen alongside familiar faces like Boots, voiced by Danny Trejo, and Diego, played by Jeffrey Wahlberg, 22.

Dora and the lost city of gold

Everything You Need To Know 

Release Date:

2nd August 2019 & 9th August 2019 

Directed By: 

James Bobin 


Isabela Moner, Danny Trejo, Jeffrey Wahlberg & Eva Longoria 




Having spent most of her life exploring the jungle, nothing could prepare Dora for her most dangerous adventure yet -- high school. Accompanied by a ragtag group of teens and Boots the monkey, Dora embarks on a quest to save her parents while trying to solve the seemingly impossible mystery behind a lost Incan civilisation.

Fun Facts! 

  • Isabela Moner, who plays Dora, had earlier starred as Dora's friend Kate in Dora and Friends: Into the City! (2014).

  • This is the first Nick Jr. film to be released in Theatres. 

  • Actress Isabela Moner stared in Broadway show, 'Evita' when she was just 10 years old! 

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