Easter Pyjamas  - Perfect For Non-Chocolate Gifting And Relaxing

by mark milner on Feb 02, 2022

Easter Pyjamas

Easter pyjamas make a great non-chocolate gift and are the perfect sleepwear and loungewear choice for relaxing over the long Easter weekend and the Easter holiday break from school.

Whether you celebrate the religious meaning behind the festival or just want to fill up your Easter basket with chocolate eggs before tucking into a super-sized Sunday lunch, Easter is the perfect time to get together and build fun memories with friends and family of all ages. 

Here, at, sleepwear is definitely what we do best, and with lots of Easter and spring-themed prints in soft cotton to choose from, we’re confident that nobody will be able to wait until bedtime to hop into their new Easter PJs! 

Whether you’re buying for yourself, looking for a great non-chocolate gift for others, or just fancy freshening up your bedtime or lounging wardrobe as winter turns to spring, then have an egg-cellent selection of spring pastel colours, bouncy rabbits and fun prints to choose from. What’s more, if you’re not quite ready to cast aside your winter wardrobe just yet, then we also have plenty of onesies, dressing gowns and slippers to choose from to keep you snuggled up a little bit longer. 

Read on for some cracking options to consider for your new Easter pyjamas this year, or if you already know what you’re looking for, visit the store to shop for pyjamas now! 


New Beginnings And New PJs 

Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox, which signifies the start of spring for the northern hemisphere. This means that whilst Easter itself holds its meaning as a celebration of Christianity, it is also a celebration of new beginnings and changing seasons for everybody else. 

When March and April arrive, we see fields filled with spring flowers, baby animals, and are wrapped up in feelings of changing old for new as the seasons change and the days become longer and brighter again. What better time therefore to inject new life into your sleepwear and loungewear wardrobe with some pyjamas that perfectly fit with this theme of new beginnings and Easter.

Spring Brights 

3 sets of womens spring pyjamas
At this time of the year, many of us are feeling positive, hopefully for what is to come, and looking for lighter colours and cooler sets to wear to bed. This complementary collection of ladies spring pyjamas have all of these things in abundance and are a great way to add a touch of colour and pretty pastels to your nightwear stash. 

From our pink checked ‘hello weekend’ set to the fun pastel stripes on the ‘day dreaming’ set or the blue checked ‘day dreaming’ set, these three lightweight cotton sets are fully interchangeable and are perfect for pottering around the house on spring mornings.

Each set is made from 100% cotton, comes with an elasticated waist on the shorts and is available in sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22. Priced at under £12, you might want to grab more than one!


Floral Nighties 

Black and Blue Daisy Nightdresses

Nothing says Easter like a beautiful floral arrangement of spring flowers. These blue and black daisy patterned nighties will make a perfect addition to your Easter pyjama collection for any flower lover and are sure to have you waking up in a great mood! 

A pretty all-over daisy print adorns this flattering nightie and its loose-fitting, knee-length style offers plenty of coverage making it the perfect choice for enjoying leisurely breakfasts in the kitchen or pottering around the house as the spring sun streams through the window with or without a dressing gown.

As the sun warms up, it will also perfectly transition into a summer staple for relaxing in the house, garden and providing the cooler sleepwear needed later in the year. 


Children’s Easter Pyjamas

Peter Rabbit And Kitten Children's pyjamas

Children love the idea of the Easter Bunny delivering their chocolates on Easter morning, so we’re sure they will love these pyjamas featuring two of the most famous cheeky bunnies of all, Peter Rabbit and his best friend Benjamin button. 

Even if your little ones don’t like their carrots, we’re sure this cute pyjama set will have them hopping into bed to drift off happy, or bouncing onto the sofa to snuggle up with a movie in record time over the Easter holidays! Made up of a blue short-sleeved pyjama top featuring the words strong and brave and blue, long, but lightweight cotton bottoms with elasticated waist, this is a great set to take little ones into the spring months. Currently available in ages 4-5 for £6.99. 

If pink and cute is more the ticket for your children, then the second pyjamas shown above combine a pretty pastel pink and teeny tiny kittens, making them the puuurfect choice for Easter sleepwear for all cat and baby animal lovers!

Made up of a pink short-sleeved top with a kitten peeking out of a pocket print, and long but lightweight pink cotton bottoms with an elasticated waist, this set will have little ones curled up like sleeping kittens in a basket no time! 

Available in ages 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and priced at £9.99, these pyjamas will easily see them through lots of Easter Holidays! 


For The Men 

A section of pyjamas for men
If the man in your life enjoys a lazy morning in bed (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then gifting a short and t-shirt pyjama set could be a great Easter gift to accompany their usual Easter egg haul. 

March and April, when Easter usually falls, is the perfect time of year to move to lightweight PJs following the winter months of long pyjama bottoms, thick dressing gowns and fleece blankets. 

Take a look at the store for great options for football lovers, gamers, movie buffs, beer guzzlers and superhero dads to enjoy. 


Easter Gift Ideas For Children 

Bing Bunny Backpacks For Easter

If you’re still on the lookout for a little extra something to add to your non-chocolate Easter gift stash this year, then how about these Easter-themed bags?

These cute Bunny adorned rucksacks are perfect for little ones that love adventures and adore the popular Bing bunny character. With the giant rabbit and his larger than life ears taking centre stage, these bags couldn’t be more perfect for Easter! 

As well as being great for little girls and boys that love sleepovers, playing make-believe games with their very own Hoppity Voosh superhero, they are a fun and practical option for nursery or preschool lunch bags too. 

We love this pink Bing bunny bag and the red Bing bunny bag too. Both feature a handy hanging hook for storage or hanging on the school peg, measure 31 x 26 x 6 cm, come with an exterior pocket for extra storage, and a zipped opening for safe and easy access for small hands. 

View the full range of bags here. 


Pyjama Gifts 

Whilst we’ve showcased some of our pyjamas that specifically fit an Easter theme so far with bunnies, florals and pastels, if these don’t float your boat, or you're looking for the perfect PJs to match your children's current favourite game, movies, sport or animal, then there are plenty more designs and styles to choose from at that we’re sure you will love! 

With Easter following in the steps of Christmas as a milestone in the year where friends and families make an extra special effort to get together and have fun, Easter gifts are commonplace at this time of year too. 

We might be a bit biased but we think pyjamas make a brilliant gift all year round. Suitable for babies, young children, teens and adults, with styles and prints to suit all ages and body shapes, pyjamas at Easter are a great way to mark the event without overloading on sugar! (Although, we do support this too!) They are also the perfect choice of loungewear to collapse on the sofa after that big family walk or when you need a little extra room in your clothes following a big family feast which is often the case at this time of year. 

Whether your family decorates their house for spring and Easter with an Easter tree, egg-shaped bunting and spring floral displays, or you’re just in it for the chocolate, Easter is a great time to gift or treat yourself to a new pair of pyjamas. 

Shop all pyjamas here


Try These Great Styles 

Mario & Llama pyjamas for children

Here are a few of our favourite new designs to hit the store and will make great gifts for the children this Easter.

We’ve all heard of bananas in pyjamas but these llamas in pyjamas offer a whole new spin on the classic song! Available in ages 9-10 through to 15-16, pre-teens and teens will love this fun bright pink heart and spots design and what’s more, this design is exclusive to so you will not find them anywhere else! 

If gaming is more their bag, your little ones might love this fun set of Mario inspired pyjamas. With long cotton bottoms covered in the items that are collected as you whizz around all the race tracks and a long-sleeved top featuring Mario and Luigi. Available in sizes 5-6 through to 12-13 for £11.99. 



If you’re ready to inject some spring brights, cute pastel prints and baby animals into your sleepwear collection, then we hope we’ve given you plenty of options to consider with our selection of Easter pyjamas that the whole family can enjoy. 

Around Easter time, we’re bombarded with newborn animals, spring cleaning and the days are longer and brighter again. With all these positive vibes and new beginnings, it feels like a good time to update our wardrobes and pack away our cosy winter PJs. 

Whether you’re looking for comfy PJs or loungewear to relax in after being out and about egg-ploring, need the perfect PJs to curl up in for an Easter movie marathon, or wear whilst making cute Easter-themed crafts, there are plenty of brilliant options over at the store.

If you can’t wait until Easter to get your hands on some new PJ’s, slippers, robes and loungewear, hop on over to to stock up your cupboards early! From all of the team, we wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.