How To Plan The Perfect Summer Sleepover

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jun 04, 2019

How To Plan The Perfect Summer Sleepover

The Summer Holidays are quickly approaching and you want to make sure your kids have got something to look forward to, right? So, why not plan the perfect Summer sleepover for your children & their friends? We've got you sorted from things to do, eat and what Summer Pyjamas are perfect for your sleepover! 

Sleepovers may be slightly daunting, mostly because you have a handful of Children to feed, look after and entertain for an entire evening, it can be a lot of work for both parents and carers. However, with a bit of planning and organisation, you can ensure your children and their friends have a sleepover that they'll never forget.

1. Get Your Children To Make Invites

Save yourself the hassle of having to chase people up and answer 101 questions of where and when set your children the task of creating some amazing slumber party invites. Whether you're covering them with glitter or cutting the invites into the shape of soft, fluffy clouds, it's the perfect way to give out all the required information directly to the invitee (and their parents/carers.)

Learn what to pack for a sleepover here

Kids Arts & Crafts
2. A Tropical Themed Buffet

One of the most important and stressful parts of a sleepover has got to be food. There are 101 things that every child won't like or cannot eat, so laying out a buffet will take the pressure off. If you lay out finger food and snacks that cater for various dietary requirements (veggie, lactose intolerant, etc) the children can help themselves to whatever they desire. As for the tropical theme, well, that's the Summer twist. Add some cocktail umbrellas into the children's juices and they're sure to be a big hit!

3. Get Creative

One of the main objectives of a sleepover is to ensure the children are well entertained (mostly so that they actually go to sleep.) Don't fall into the trap of allowing the children to sit on their gaming consoles all evening, you'll regret it. It's important that you plan some activities, whether that be some party games, some arts & crafts or even a movie night. The more activities, the better.

4. Build a Den 

Speaking of getting creative, why not help the children build a den? When you're wanting the children to begin winding down in front of a movie before bedtime, creative a blanket den is the perfect way to get them excited about bedtime. All you need is some dining chairs, lots of blankets and pillows, and to top it all off, some fairy lights. So that you can create the perfect calming atmosphere.  

Kids Blanket Den

 5. Get Pyjama Ready

No sleepover is truly complete without the perfect pair of Children's Character Pyjamas! Here at, we have an amazing selection of pyjamas and loungewear for the entire family - Yes, that's right even the parents can get involved in the pyjama fun! If you're finding it hard to find the perfect pair of pyjamas, here are some of our Summer Sleepover favourites...