3 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Aug 12, 2019

3 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

There's no sound as daunting as that Monday morning alarm, right? After enjoying the weekend, it always seems as though Monday comes around far too quickly. If you don't wake up on a Monday morning feeling sluggish, tired and unmotivated, then you've got a secret that you're not sharing. Luckily, here at, we want to help make sure that Monday is just another day of the week for you to enjoy and make the most out of. So, if you're overwhelmed with the Monday Blues, we've got some ways you can beat the blues each week. 

1. Prepare For Monday In Advance 

Although we all love a Sunday of doing absolutely nothing, sometimes, leaving some time to ensure you're prepared for Monday morning can do you the world of good. Prep your lunches the night before, iron your clothes, take a bath and have a little pamper - Whatever you need to do to ensure that your Monday starts on the right foot and there's less tasks to do can only go down well in our eyes. 

2. An Early Night + New Pyjamas = Monday Morning Bliss 

If you're looking for the perfect sum to guarantee you wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and blessed, we think we've got the perfect solution for you. We spend each and everyday attempting to be productive, whether that be clearing a to-do list or trying to catch up with our loved ones, it can be tiring. So, dedicating sometime for your own wellbeing is one of the best things you can do after a busy weekend. Put your phone away, dedicate some time to wind down and have a well earned early night. If you want to make going to bed that little bit more exciting, why not treat the family to some cosy Character Pyjamas? We've got an amazing range of New In Pyjamas  to get everyone in the spirit of bedtime. 

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3. Focus On The Positives  

 When that Sunday Night Dread begins to make an appearance, we tend to focus on all of the reasons why we don't want it to be Monday, thus adding to the Monday Blues. If you find yourself feeling particularly overwhelmed with that feeling each week, it's important that you get yourself in the routine of thinking positively about the week ahead. Take a notebook and write down things you're looking forward to, whether it's as simple and having a relaxing bath or seeing a friend, it will ensure that you're starting the week off with the right mindset.