4 Fun Ideas to Keep the Children Entertained this Summer

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jul 15, 2019

4 Fun Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

This week welcomes the official start of Summer for our Children. The long and utterly exhausting Summer Holidays are looming on the horizon and for some parents/carers, the Summer can welcome a lot of stress on how to keep the little ones entertained for 6 weeks straight. Luckily, we've got you covered here at with our 4 fun ideas to keep the children entertained this summer! 

It goes without saying that it's utterly amazing to have extra time to spend with your children, but 6 weeks is still a long time to entertain active and lively children.  You want to spend some top quality time with your children and tire them out at the same time. 

Picnic in The Park 

There's not much better than an old fashioned picnic is the park, right? It's a great way to get everyone in the family involved for a day out, no matter how young or old they may be. Take a blanket, a delicious picnic basket and some outdoor games and you're in store for a wonderful day. A game or two of Rounders is great fun for the entire family, plus, it's sure to tire out the kids so you're guaranteed a relaxing evening. 

Family Film Marathon

Sunshine and warm weather is never set in stone here in the UK, however, that doesn't mean you can't plan a fun day with the kids. Get to the supermarket and stock up on popcorn, sweet treats and snacks and you're in for the perfect rainy day. Make it that little bit more special with some adorable Children's Character Pyjamas, it's the perfect way to make the Family Film Marathon that little bit more special. 

popcorn and cinema ticket

Outdoor Arts & Crafts 

Have an arts and craft day and get some canvas and paints, they can be bought in bargain shops for as little as a pound and use paints or crayons and the kids can hang up their creations in their rooms. 

Build A Den 

Build a den with the kids - if the weather is ok, you could even risk doing this outside! All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets, and a bit of imagination.