5 Steps To Planning a Hen Party Sleepover

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jun 07, 2019

5 Steps To Planning a Hen Party Sleepover

The ‘last night of freedom’ can be a wonderful time for some fabulous female bonding with your best friends and you don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a good time! Planning a hen night sleepover is not only a lovely way of marking the end of an era and celebrating the start of a new one, but it’s also a great cost-cutting hen night idea.  We've put together the ultimate guide to plan the perfect hen party sleepover, from themes and party games to the perfect Hen Party Pyjamas, we've got it covered. After all, they do say staying in is the new going out…   

Let's get planning...  

At, we know that a wild night out with the girls just isn't everybody's cup of tea.  So why not opt for an unforgettable Hen Party sleepover with your nearest and dearest. Here's out 5 Steps to planning the perfect Hen Party sleepover.  

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The Guest List   

As sleepovers are considerably intimate in comparison to some hen party activities. It's important, that if you're planning the sleepover on behalf of the bride, that you really nail the guest list and invite the people she's truly comfortable with. If you're planning to stage the sleepover in a hotel or hired apartment, keep in mind that numbers may be limited due to room sizes.  

Setting The Scene 

Hen Party Sleepover Decor 

You want your Hen Party Sleepover to be truly magical for the bride & the bridal party. By going the extra mile with the party decor, you're sure to set the scene and ensure that everyone has a good time for the get-go.

Lighting is key for getting the look right for any special party. Decorate your rooms with pretty fairy lights, lanterns or votive candles and tealights, making sure they can’t be knocked over. Music will get everyone in the party mood and you should have your lighting and music ready before anyone arrives.  

 Food & Drink 

Hen Party Food & Drink

You can either go to town on the food and order in special buffet bites from your local party catering service (see M&S, your local bakers or most supermarkets) or get everyone involved by making some interestingly shaped pizzas yourselves with a pizza base dough and some usual toppings! Just remember to find out who is veggie before assuming everyone will eat meat or fish.

Another fun idea is to have a fondue – either the classic cheese fondue where you all dip toasted bread or meat and vegetables into hot cheese or a funky chocolate fondue where you each dip strawberries, marshmallows and other sweet treats or fruits into heated chocolate.

If you prefer to get everyone involved then ask each guest to bring a dish and allocate one person to bring nachos and cheese, another to bring a pasta salad, another to bring a cake and so on.

Have a cake stand full of pretty cupcakes for dessert and mix some colourful cocktails if you dare! Treat your chicks to a personalised hen night shot glass, a stylish keepsake for your best friends.

A champagne jelly or a vodka melon makes a very special finishing touch! If it’s close to Christmas then mulled wine makes the perfect first drink.  

 Evening Plans & Things To Do 

Whether you're wanting to plan a sleepover from your childhood dreams with board games and face masks. Or you're wanting to add some booze and bubbles into the equation, we've got some great sleepover plans & things to do, should you need some ideas. 

- Karaoke : because you can't go wrong with a spot of singing at the top of your lungs, right?

- Pamper Evening : Why wouldn't you want to pamper yourself with your favourite people? 

- Movie Night - Play the movies that you loved as a teenager, of classic wedding movies such as The Wedding Planner & 27 Dresses. 

What To Wear  

A Hen Party is all about the Instagram photos right? (and of course, a good time!) We have some super cute and comfortable bridal party pyjamas that are sure to get you in the mood for the slumber party of the century! 

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