Celebrate World Emoji Day with our Amazing Emoji Pyjamas

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jun 13, 2019


It's almost time to 'emojify' your life with the arrival of #WorldEmojiDay on 17th July 2019! World Emoji Day is an unofficial global event that celebrates the worldwide use of our favourite yellow smilies, the emoji! 

There's so many different ways you can celebrate World Emoji Day with your friends and family. But, if you're itching to #celebrate, we've got some amazing ideas that you can get your friends & family around for and celebrate World Emoji Day with a smile and a wink. 

What Is World Emoji Day? 

World Emoji Day began in 2014 when users of Apple devices noticed that Apple’s calendar apps showed July 17 as the date on the calendar on its icon. A tweet appeared in July 2014 announcing the day as the official World Emoji Day. It has grown ever since, with more celebrations around the world happening each year.

Last year, to celebrate #World Emoji Day, Apple released up to 70 new emojis for users of their devices. They include more expressive faces such as a cold face and a pleading face; animals such peacocks, lobsters, and kangaroos; and food such as mango and cupcakes. 

Ideas For Celebrating World Emoji Day  

World Emoji Day is all about bringing people together for the sake of some family fun and celebrating how emoji's can allow us to feel and express a variety of different thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Here's some of our favourite ways to celebrate with your Children this year... 

  • Make a mask of your favourite emoji 
  • Watch The Emoji Movie with friends & family 
  • Have an emoji party 
  • Play a game such as: Guess the emoji 
  • Eat potato smileys - They're everyone's favourite, right? 
  • Bake a cake featuring your favourite emoji 
  • Have an Emoji themed sleepover 

Look 😍 this World Emoji Day With our Children's

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