Girl's Summer Pyjamas They Will Love – No Matter What Their Age

by Mark Milner on May 26, 2021

Girls Summer Pyjamas

In the summer, every girl needs a few pairs of lightweight pyjamas to keep them cool on those warm summer nights. But it’s not always easy to find the right girl's summer pyjamas, which suit their individual personality whilst still being both practical and comfortable.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to the best girls’ summer pyjamas, helping you to find the perfect pyjamas to suit any style and tastes, getting you through those hot summer nights in comfort.

Summer pj's for girls

The Best Girls’ Nightwear For Summer

Summer pyjamas should be lightweight, allowing your body to remain cool on even the hottest nights. However, when you are shopping for children, tweens and teens, it’s important that the pyjamas you choose also suit their personal style and interests.

Whether you are shopping for your Harry Potter obsessed daughter or your Peppa loving niece, we have got you covered. We’ve put together a list of our top fifteen girls’ summer pyjamas to suit every personality, prioritising style, practicality and summer comfort.

Read on to discover the perfect pyjamas for every girl.

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Summer Pyjamas For Every Girl

Here are our top girls’ summer pyjamas to suit every personality, style and taste.

1.     For The Frozen 2 Lover

For the girl who is obsessed with Frozen 2, we just know that she’s going to love these Frozen 2 Elsa pyjamas. This gorgeous blue pyjama set includes a short sleeved top with matching short bottoms, whilst Elsa encourages your child to “dream of magic”.

If you’re hoping that your child will fall to sleep dreaming of building snowmen with Anna and dancing with Olaf, this cute ensemble is ideal. Available in sizes ranging from 2-3 years up to 6-7 years, this set makes the perfect gift.

2.     For The Friends Fan

For tweens and teens who wish they grew up in the 90s, these Friends teen pyjamas are ideal. Available in sizes ranging from 10-11 years up to 15-16 years, they’re bound to draw the attention at sleepovers.

The short sleeved top features a logo and image of the famed meeting place, Central Perk, with the famous red sofa taking centre stage. Meanwhile, the matching black and white shorts are adorned with the names of the lead characters: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey.

Whether your daughter is relaxing on the sofa watching Friends replays or off to their friend’s house for a sleepover, they’re bound to be impressed with their Friends teen pyjamas.

3.     For The Harry Potter Fanatic

Do you know a young witch who insists that the sorting hat would place her in Gryffindor? If so, these Harry Potter Gryffindor pyjamas are perfect. The short sleeve design will ensure that she stays cool through even the hottest summer nights, whilst the stylish Harry Potter design is bound to be a favourite.

This design is available in sizes ranging from 5-6 years right up to 11-12 years, making it ideal for both children and tweens alike. You can be sure that your girl will fall asleep dreaming about spells and potions when she wears this charming Harry Potter short pyjama set.

4.     For The Gamer

If you know a girl who loves to game, these gaming pyjamas are ideal. Whether she’s an Xbox girl or a PlayStation addict, these short pyjamas are sure to go down as a great addition to the summer pyjama collection.

The short sleeved top features the words “gaming mode activated” in yellow, with the phrase repeated across the short bottoms. Not only will these pyjamas keep your girl cool in bed, but they’ll also look great when she’s lounging on the sofa or playing on her favourite games.

5.     For The Chilled Out girl

We all know a girl who loves to wear her pyjamas. In fact, can you blame her? They’re the comfiest outfit, after all!

For the girl who loves to relax in her PJs, she’ll love this cool girls summer pyjama set which features the slogan “pyjamas all day” across the short sleeved black top. Not only that, but the short pyjama bottoms are adorned with cute red hearts – guaranteed to make her coo.

These short pyjamas are made from 100% cotton, helping to keep her cool throughout the night. In addition, they feature an elasticated waist, for ultimate comfort. There are no pyjamas better suited to being worn all day!

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6.     For The Llama Lover

Llamas seem to be the newest craze amongst young girls, with girls going mad for anything llama related. These cute llama pyjamas are no different, with their adorable design that girls will just love.

The short sleeved pink top features a picture of a sweet llama, with the slogan “Sleep – No prob-llama!” This is paired with some adorable navy blue shorts which feature multicoloured polka dots – ideal for keeping your daughter cool through the hot summer nights.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pyjamas to take on holiday or to keep your daughter cool through the summer, this set is sure to be a hit. It’s made from lightweight cotton, ensuring that they remain breathable and cool all night long.

7.     For The Peppa Pig Fan

Peppa Pig is a hit amongst most young girls, so why not choose pyjamas that feature your girl’s favourite character? These adorable pink pyjamas feature Peppa Pig and Zoe Zebra standing underneath a rainbow, along with the slogan “good times”. Meanwhile, the cute pink shorts feature outline sketches of Peppa Pig, along with sweet pink flowers.

With these Peppa Pig summer pyjamas, your child will be eager to get ready for bed every single night, and you can rest comfortably knowing that they’ll stay cool all night long, even on the hottest of summer nights.

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8.     For The Dancer

If your daughter loves to dance, look no further than these gorgeous girls’ dance pyjamas. The black short sleeved top features the slogan “eat sleep dance repeat” in an eye catching rainbow gradient, whilst the elasticated shorts are covered in heart outlines.

These summer pyjamas are sure to be a hit with your young dancer. Whether they choose to dance around the living room in them or lounge on the sofa watching their favourite dance show, they are sure to be a winner. What’s more, they are available in sizes ranging from 7-8 years, right up to 15-16 years, making them ideal for children, tweens and teens of any age.

9.     For The Cat In The Hat Fanatic

If your little one loves Dr Seuss, they’re bound to be excited when they catch a glimpse of these Cat In The Hat pyjamas. The blue short sleeved pyjama top features an image of the Cat In The Hat, along with Thing 1 and Thing 2, whilst the grey short pyjama bottoms are adorned with outline sketches of the characters.  

These pyjamas are made from 100% cotton, ensuring that your girl remains cool all night long, whilst the elasticated waist helps to guarantee a comfortable fit. Whether you use them for warmer nights or pack them for your holiday, they’re sure to be a firm favourite.

10.  For The Girl Who Is Obsessed With Paw Patrol

If your girl looks up to Skye, they’re sure to love these Skye Paw Patrol pyjamas. The pink short sleeved pyjama top features a large picture of Skye, complete with wings and flying goggles. Meanwhile, the pink short pyjama bottoms are covered with pink paw prints and feature the Paw Patrol logo.

You can rest assured that your little one will remain cool through even the hottest nights with these pyjamas, thanks to the 100% cotton design. This lightweight and breathable fabric will keep your child cool through the summer, allowing them to get a restful night’s sleep.

11.  For The Selfie Queen

We all know that every teenage girl loves a selfie. If your tween or teen can’t stop taking selfies, these ‘Selfie Queen’ short pyjamas may be the perfect addition to your daughter’s summer pyjama collection.

The black short sleeved pyjama top is adorned with a royal crown, along with the slogan ‘Selfie Queen’, whilst the pink short pyjama bottoms have an elasticated waist for a comfortable fit. This cheeky pyjama set is guaranteed to be a firm favourite in your daughter’s pyjama drawer, which she’ll be itching to wear to her next sleepover.

12.  For The Emoji Enthusiast

Do you know a girl who can’t write a sentence without including an emoji or two? If so, these emoji face short pyjamas would make the perfect addition to her pyjama drawer.

The short sleeve black pyjama top features a different emoji face for each day of the week, ranging from crying on Monday through to crazy on Saturday. This is paired with pink short pyjama bottoms, keeping your girl cool through the warm summer nights.

The emoji face short pyjamas are available in sizes ranging from 9-10 years, right up to 15-16, so whatever the age of your emoji loving tween or teen, we’ve got them covered. 

13.  For The Brave Hearted

If you know a girl who is obsessed with animals, these 3D cheetah short pyjamas are perfect. The short sleeve top features a realistic 3D photo of a cheetah’s face, which is sure to impress any animal lover. Not only that, but the shorts are adorned with cartoon cheetah print, bringing a fun twist to these cheetah pyjamas.

Whether you’re looking for summer pyjamas for those warm evenings or short pyjamas to take on holiday, any animal lover is sure to be impressed with these 3D cheetah short pyjamas.

14.  For The Typical Teen

If we asked a tween or teen to list their four favourite things, they’re almost guaranteed to say lie ins, unicorns, besties and WiFi. Are we right?  

These unicorn and WiFi short pyjamas have got them covered. The pink short sleeved top features a slogan which reads “lie ins, unicorns, besties, Wifi”, whilst the grey short pyjama bottoms are adorned with unicorns, hearts and WiFi symbols. This cheeky short pyjama set is sure to be a favourite amongst tweens and teens alike, and is available in sizes ranging from 9-10 years, right up to 15-16 years.

15.  For The Girl Who Loves To Sleep

Is your teen a fully fledged member of the sleep squad? If so, we have the perfect pair of summer pyjamas for them.

The Sleep Squad short pyjamas features a navy blue short sleeved top with the slogan ‘sleep squad’, coupled with elasticated short pyjama bottoms in light blue. They are made from 100% cotton material, ensuring ultimate comfort through those hot summer nights.

Whether you plan to take the pyjamas on holiday or add them to your daughter’s summer pyjama collection, she’ll be destined for many peaceful nights in her summer sleep squad pyjamas.

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What Is The Best Fabric For Summer Pyjamas?

Lightweight fabrics such as cotton are the best material for summer pyjamas. Cotton is breathable, allowing your skin to remain cool through the night, whilst being soft to the touch to ensure comfort.

If you’re looking for pyjamas to keep you cool during the hot summer nights, look for pyjamas which are made from 100% cotton.

How Often Should You Wash Pyjamas?

Many people wonder how often you should wash pyjamas. Should you wash them after every wear, or only once a week? Experts generally agree that pyjamas should be washed after every three to four nights, unless you find yourself sweating excessively during the night. You might even find that your pyjamas last slightly longer if you always shower before bed.

Find The Perfect Summer Pyjamas For Your Girl

If you’re looking for the ideal pyjamas to keep your daughter, niece or granddaughter cool through the hot summer nights, we have the solution. We have a wide range of breathable and lightweight cotton pyjamas to suit every personality and style. Whatever your girl is into, we have some summer pyjamas that she’ll love.

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