Kids’ Christmas Pyjamas: Countdown to Santa’s Arrival

by mark milner on Aug 04, 2021

Kids christmas pyjamas

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way! Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of year. It is the perfect time to spend time with your family, and enjoy this most special of holidays! Every family celebrates Christmas in different ways, but we all love decorating the tree together, curling up with our loved ones to watch Christmas movies. However, as Christmas draws nearer and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, things can get pretty chilly, so make sure you keep your kids warm with some cosy Christmas pyjamas! 

We have loads of different pyjamas to choose from, and all of them are perfect for cosying up this Christmas Eve and listening out for Santa’s sleigh.


Merry Christmas Santa Long Pyjamas

santa kids pyjamas


What better way to wait for Santa’s arrival than by dressing like the big man himself! These children’s Merry Christmas pyjamas come in Santa’s favourite colours red and white, with Santa, a snowman, and Santa’s number one reindeer, Rudolph, on the front. If your family lives in a cold place, Christmas morning can get very chilly, but these pyjamas come with a long sleeved top and long bottoms to keep your children snug as a bug while they are opening their presents.

No wannabe Santa is complete without their own personal Rudolph so how about matching these pyjamas up with some Rudolph slippers or even a Rudolph onesie! Let’s just hope the other reindeers don’t get jealous! 

Kids Elf Pyjamas


kids elf pyjamas

We all love snuggling up on the couch with our families to watch a movie, and this is especially enjoyable at Christmas with so many fantastic Christmas films to choose from. Every family has their favourites, with classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street being shown alongside modern blockbusters like Home Alone and A Muppets Christmas Carol

One new film which has already become a favourite among children and adults alike is Will Ferrell's Elf which tells the story of a human who was raised by Santa’s gift-making elves in the North Pole. The elf’s name is Buddy, and in the film he travels to New York at Christmas to meet his real family, only to find that so many people in the city have lost their Christmas Spirit. 

Kids love watching Buddy being silly and trying to spread Christmas cheer, and one way to make their viewing experience even more special is with the children’s Elf Pyjamas. These pyjamas have long sleeves and bottoms to keep kids warm, and come in Big Elf size and Little Elf size so they are suitable for children of all ages. There are even matching sets for the whole family!


Official The Elf On The Shelf Children's Long Christmas Pyjamas

Kids elf of the shelf pyjamas


Another new elf-based trend that has emerged in recent years is the “Elf on the Shelf” game. For some reason, children had started to question whether Santa even really existed (I know it sounds crazy!) but this new game has helped to confirm the truth. 

How Elf on the Shelf works is that families get their own toy elf and leave it somewhere before they go to bed. When they wake up the next day, they then need to find where their elf has moved to in the night. Families often find their elves helping with chores like putting toys away or organising the fridge. To make the game even more exciting for your kids, these official Elf on the Shelf children’s long pyjamas can keep your little ones warm and toasty while they are searching the house. 

They come in blue and Christmas red, with white snowflakes and an Elf on the Shelf design on the front of the top. At just £3.99, these pyjamas will leave lots of pennies left over for stocking fillers, or for buying a full matching set for your whole family to wear together. 

Elf in Training Children’s Pyjamas


kids elf in training pyjamas

To be as stealthy as an Elf on the Shelf takes years of hard work and dedication. The training regime that they have to undergo to qualify as one of Santa’s little helpers is top secret, with every elf needing to prove themselves as a top gift maker and wrapper. To help your little elves get into the Christmas spirit and take their present wrapping skills to another level, these Elf in Training children’s pyjamas are the perfect attire. They come in the same colours as every elf’s favourite sweets (candy canes, of course!) and have long sleeves and bottoms to keep little elves warm during the holidays. There are even Dad Elf and Mum Elf sizes too so that your whole family can match this Christmas.


Official Children’s Elf on the Shelf #Believe Pyjamas


kids believe pyjamas

There is nothing that makes Santa Claus more depressed than when people say he isn’t real. That’s why he sent his elves on the shelves to visit families and try to restore their belief in Christmas. Luckily, these Elf on the Shelf #Believe pyjamas are a great way for your children to show Santa they still believe in him, and secure their spot on his Nice List! 

These pyjamas have a white top with an Elf on the Shelf design and the inspiring message #BELIEVE, and come with red bottoms that have a festive holly and snowflake design. To show your little ones that you believe in Santa Claus too, there are even matching pyjamas in Mum and Dad sizes!

Little Bear Christmas Pyjamas


kids little bear pyjamas

These Little Bear pyjamas are super cute, and they are the perfect pair of long PJs for staying warm this Christmas. They come with a red and white long-sleeved top with an awesome Little Bear logo, and the coolest blue bottoms complete with a festive pattern of snowflakes, Christmas trees, bears, and paw prints. 

The best thing about these pyjamas is that there is also a matching Daddy Bear pair for dads so that they can spend time with their little bears decorating the Christmas Tree, making gingerbread houses, and counting down the days until Santa’s arrival! 


Boys Peppa Pig Christmas Long Pyjamas


kids peppa pig pyjamas

Peppa Pig and her friends are loved by children around the world and these Boys Peppa Pig Christmas pyjamas are the ideal stocking filler for Peppa’s fans. The pyjama bottoms are blue with red stars, and the long-sleeved grey top features Peppa’s little brother, George Pig, who is thinking about his Christmas to-do list. It includes writing his letter to Santa, leaving a carrot out for Rudolph, building a snowman, and (of course!) opening his Christmas presents. 

Your own little George fan can wear his Peppa Pig pyjamas while he is making his own Christmas to-do-list. Perhaps he needs to write Christmas cards for his friends, or perhaps decorating the tree needs doing first, or maybe he just wants to snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and his favourite Christmas movie. 

Children’s Reindeer Onesie


kids reindeer onesie

All children should know the names of Santa’s nine magical reindeers; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and...and...Rudolph! Of course! If it wasn’t for Santa’s reindeers, he would never be able to get around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to all the children in different countries (at least all of the children on the Nice List!) 

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is listening out for reindeer hooves on Christmas Eve, and with this super soft and snug Reindeer Onesie, your own little Rudolphs can stay nice and cosy while they wait for Santa and his reindeers to arrive. It even has Rudolph’s antlers and his famous red nose which he uses to guide Santa’s sleigh.

All our Christmas onesies are unisex so they are perfect for boys and girls. Just don’t forget to put a carrot out for the reindeers so that they can have a snack before flying off to the next house (and a mince pie for Santa, of course!)


Children’s Snowman Onesie

kids snowman onesie


I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I used to know! 

There’s nothing quite like snow on Christmas to make the holiday all that more romantic and special. Kids especially love the snow because they can have a snowball fight and, of course, build a snowman! If they are lucky, their snowman may even come to life like the famous flying snowman in the classic Christmas cartoon (let’s just hope it doesn’t melt in the morning!)

The only problem with playing out in the snow is that it can get very cold very quickly, so to warm your little ones up when they are all finished, we have this super cute Snowman Onesie. It is perfect for cosying up and comes complete with buttons and a carrot nose to keep your little snowmen lovely and toasty this Christmas.

Children’s Penguin Onesie


kids penguin onesie

Where there is snow, there simply must be penguins, and this super cute Penguin Onesie is ideal for keeping little ones warm when the winter weather creeps in. Onesies are perfect for snuggling up with a steaming cup of hot cocoa to watch a Christmas movie, especially when paired up with some special Christmas slippers to keep your children’s feet nice and warm. 

Our penguin onesies come in classic penguin black, yellow, and white, and are made from lovely, soft fleece material. At just £5.99, there will be plenty of money left over to buy some Christmas candy (or maybe some fish!) for your little penguins.


Christmas Elf Slippers


kids christmas elf slippers

While pyjamas will keep your little ones’ bodies warm this Christmas, to stop their feet from freezing, there is nothing better than our range of Christmas slippers. These super fun Christmas Elf slippers can definitely keep their toes nice and cosy, even on cold winter floors on Christmas morning. 

They come in bright green and red with a lovely soft white trim (just like on Santa’s boots!). Match them up with some elf pyjamas and your little one will have everything they need to be Santa’s next recruit at his workshop (just make sure you don’t bang your heads, kids!)

Rudolph Slippers


kids rudolph slippers

For kids who prefer Santa’s other helpers to his elves, these Rudolph slippers are a great way to keep their feet warm this Christmas. They come in the shape of Santa’s number one reindeer, complete with his iconic red nose and some fancy gold antlers. These slippers are super soft, so they are perfect for trying to sneak downstairs to catch Santa in action.

For Rudolph fans who want the complete red-nosed reindeer look, have your kids match these slippers with our Rudolph onesie! Just remember kids, Rudolph and the other reindeers have a lot of flying to do on Christmas Eve, so make sure you leave out plenty of carrots to give them the energy they need!


Christmas pyjamas are the perfect way to keep your children snug and warm this Christmas. Whether they are cuddled up with you on the sofa watching a movie, or tucked up in bed listening out for the sound of reindeer hooves, our range of pyjamas, onesies and slippers are all you need to give them the perfect Christmas. All our pyjamas are made from 100% cotton and they are all machine washable so you can keep them fresh and clean all winter long!