Marvel Avengers Party Ideas

by mark milner on Oct 12, 2021

Marvel Avengers Party Ideas

The Marvel Avengers movies are the biggest blockbusters of the last decade and their team of superheros are now some of the most beloved characters in the world. Kids love them, adults love them and everyone has their favourite. Whether it's Ironman, Thor, Hulk, or Black Widow, the Avengers lineup has an inspirational character for all the fans!

If you're looking for a fun way to throw a party for your kids (or even for big kids!) then why not go all-out with an Avengers themed event? 

In this article, we'll explain everything you need for the ultimate Marvel Avenger party!


Avengers Party Invitations

First off, to make sure that the guests know about the party, you're going to need some invitations! Don't go out and spend lots of money on your invitations because you can create these yourself. Just get the kids involved and let them design their own Avengers themed invites. 

If there's one thing that children love it's getting mail with their name on it so make sure they feel special by sending out personalized invitations written especially for them! Here are some ideas of what to write: 

"Hi Tom, The Incredible Hulk is coming to town! We are throwing a party in his honour!" or "Hi Stacy, Tony Stark wants to invite you to an Avengers movie marathon!".

Avengers party movie marathon

Avengers Movie Marathon

There are many different types of party you can throw, but one great idea that all Avengers fans will love is an Avengers movie marathon party. This can easily be achieved with an outdoor backyard cinema projection, which is a great idea especially if it’s a nice day outside. If the weather doesn't permit, or you just want a more intimate movie experience, there are some really cool portable projectors that can be easily set up indoors. Either way, your party guests will have a blast!

Avengers Fancy Dress 

Of course, no Avengers party is complete without everyone dressing up as one of their favourite characters. Whether your guests want to wear store bought costumes, or just make their own costumes at home from old clothes and some good old fashioned arts and crafts skills, seeing all the kids dressed up and ready to take on some baddies! 

You can even make costumes during the party as one of the activities. All you need for some simple costumes are some old clothes or sheets of different coloured materials, as well as some cardboard boxes and other classic crafts materials to make weapons. For the masks, simple paper plates can be cut into the right shape and then painted. This is also a great way to keep the kids busy while you sort out other activities or prepare the food.

Avengers pyjama party

Avengers Pyjama Party Idea

An alternative to a full-on fancy dress party is to host an Avengers pyjama party where all the kids wear their Avengers PJs for some night time fun. You can even start with a fancy dress party during the day and then the kids can change into their Avengers PJs for a bedtime movie and snacks. We have so many pairs of fantastic Avengers pyjamas for both boys and girls so all the kids will be able to represent their favourite hero when it comes to bedtime. 

Our Marvel range has both long and short pyjamas so whatever time of the year you are hosting your party, the kids will be warm and comfortable.

Avengers Themed Food 

Of course, no Avengers party is complete without some Avengers themed food, but don't worry because we have you totally covered. Here are some of our top food ideas:

Captain America Popcorn

This snack is super delicious, and so easy to make! Captain America is all about the red, white, and blue, and so all you need is some popcorn, topped with blue and red smarties, and some melted blue and red chocolate. Then all you need to do is decorate some paper or plastic plates to look like Captain America's shield and you can serve the popcorn during the movie marathon.

Thor's Hammer Snacks

Thor's hammer is one of the most iconic weapons in the Avengers movie series and there is no better way to pay tribute to this mighty weapon than by eating it! There are two really simple ways to make Thor's hammer, one sweet and one savoury. For the sweet hammer, all you need to do is take a big marshmallow and insert a pretzel stick for the handle. For the savoury version, simply switch the marshmallow for a cube of cheese!

Hulk Shakes

The Hulk is a green, mean, fighting machine, so you want to make the Hulk Shakes as thick as possible. All you need to do is blend together some milk and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. For a fun extra touch, add some purple popping candy on top (the same colour as the Hulk's ripper trousers), and the kids will be in for a real treat.


Party Decorations

Now that you have the costumes and food planned, it's time to get your house or party venue looking the part. You can easily print off some Avengers posters to stick up around the walls, make bunting and banners in the colours of characters, or even buy lifesize cardboard cutouts of the kids' favourite Avengers heroes. Different coloured table cloths are perfect for laying out the party spread as well as different coloured paper plates and disposable cutlery. As well as the decorations, you will also need to get some Avengers theme music playing to really create the right party atmosphere.

Avengers party food

Avengers Party Arts and Crafts Ideas

We couldn't forget this part, could we? Who doesn't love arts and crafts! It's a great way to get kids' imaginations running wild and giving them a chance to be creative. As mentioned above, one really simple arts and crafts idea is to get the kids to make their own Avengers costumes. Another great idea is to get the kids involved in making their own Avengers comic books. For this, you will need a pack of plain white paper and some thick crayons or markers for them to draw with. Once they are finished, let your little artists swap their comic books around so that they can read each other's!


Avengers Party Games

There are many ways you can incorporate the Avengers superheroes into traditional children's party games. For example, you can play pass-the-parcel with Avenger related toys, or music bingo with classic superhero songs like the avengers theme, or the Spiderman or Superman music (we know he is DC!) 

Or why not try something totally different like creating a web of string in the garden that the kids need to get through without touching any of the web. You can put them into teams to see which team can get through the web fastest. 

Another great idea is to try some Thor's hammer throwing. You can set up a target in your garden, and the kids can take it in turns to throw "Thor's hammer" (a heavy sponge with a handle) at the target. If you dip the sponge in paint first, you will be able to see where the hammer hit the target so the kids will know how many points they scored. 

Avengers fancy dress party

An Avengers Trivia Quiz

We couldn't resist throwing in a quiz! This is a great way to cool down and rest a little after some of the more active games we suggest above. Besides, it is always good to encourage kids to use their brains, even at a party! You can create your own quiz with rounds such as "Alter Egos", "Name That Theme Music", "Match the Avenger to the Weapon" and many more. The winning team can get a small prize, and if there are two teams level on points at the end of the quiz, you can make a really tricky tie breaker question to see which team has the Einsteins of Avengers trivia.


Who are the Avengers?

Marvel's popular superhero team, The Avengers, first appeared on our screens back in 2012 and ever since then children all over the world have been obsessed with involving these famous crime-fighting characters in their parties. Here are some of the most popular Avengers and Marvel characters you need to know before organizing your party:

Ironman - The billionaire playboy and inventor, Tony Stark who wears a technologically advanced suit with a whole host of weapons and special gadgets.

Thor - A prince of Asgard who possesses superhuman abilities such as super speed, durability and lightning manipulation thanks to his hammer Mjolnir which only those worthy can lift - Thor also has a high resistance towards magic too! His character's most famous for saying "I have returned".

Captain America - Steve Rogers is a WWII veteran who was given the Super Soldier Serum by scientists. After being frozen in ice for 70 years it gave him enhanced physicality and agility, making him one of the strongest Avengers members.

Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff was trained by the KGB to be one of their deadliest assassins but later becomes an Avenger after proving her worth in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). She has super strength like Hulk, can fly like Thor and she's also very persuasive when it comes to getting information out of people.

Hawkeye - Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye is an expert at using a bow and arrow which grants him superhuman speed, agility and accuracy. He is in love with Black Widow and is often portrayed as the Avengers' resident archer.

Hulk - The indestructible green monster who emerges from the usually mild mannered Bruce Banner when he gets very angry! He has incredible strength but also super speed, stamina, durability and can manipulate lightning too which makes him one of the most powerful Avengers members.

Spiderman - Peter Parker gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him wall crawling abilities, shooting webs and sticking to things like Spiderman. He's also incredibly intelligent too!

Black Panther - T'Challa of Wakanda was endowed with superhuman capabilities which include enhanced speed, agility, stamina and reflexes. He is also a brilliant scientist and strategist.

Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers gained her superpowers after she was caught in an explosion involving Kree technology (which means Captain Marvel has the powers of flight, superhuman strength and durability). She can shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands or chest and at high velocities too!

Guardians of the Galaxy - Starlord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and Groot come from a different galaxy to Earth but they all have one thing in common - being an Avenger! They're out of this world.

Loki - Loki is Thor's adopted brother who becomes obsessed with gaining power over Asgard so he commits terrible crimes such as destroying Jotunheim (home of the Frost Giants). 

Nick Fury - The man who brings the Avengers together to save New York City from Loki's schemes.

Ultron - A peacekeeping robot, programmed by Tony Stark but he goes rogue and becomes the Avengers' greatest enemy.

Vision - A synthezoid created by Ultron using the Mind Stone which gives him superhuman strength, durability and flight abilities too! He can fire beams of energy out his forehead too, making Vision one of the strongest members in The Avengers team.

Thanos - Thanos is the biggest and baddest of all Marvel's villains. He has superhuman strength, durability and can manipulate energy too which makes him almost invincible! With the Infinity Stones in his power, just one click of Thanos's fingers can kill half the population of the universe.


Final Thoughts

The Avengers are not just awesome superheroes, they are also super inspiring characters. The movies have taught so many kids about friendship, loyalty, and honour, as well as being seriously cool! If you are organising an Avenger’s themed party, make sure that you try out some of these ideas, and your event is sure to go off with a bang! Avengers assemble!