PAW Patrol Party Ideas

by mark milner on Oct 12, 2021

PAW Patrol Party Ideas

PAW Patrol is a popular children's TV show that has captured the imaginations of kids all over the world. They are a team of heroic rescue dogs who save Adventure Bay from danger with their brave missions, daring rescues and incredible team work!

If you are organising a party for your kids, why not make it a PAW Patrol themed party? Just imagine how excited your child will be when they see their friends arrive dressed as Chase, Marshall, Skye or Rubble!

To help you prepare everything you need for the ultimate PAW Patrol children's party, this article will explain everything from how to make homemade invitations to what kind of food to serve! PAW Patrol, to the lookout!

PAW Patrol Party Invitations

Handmade PAW Patrol Invitations

We'll start with the first important part of a PAW Patrol party – the invitations!

There are plenty of shops that sell ready-made invitations, but if you want to make your child's party extra special, why not make them yourself?

This way you will be able to send out handwritten invites for an even more personal touch. If you decide to do this, think about printing some extra copies so that the kids or their parents can keep the invitation as a treasured memory after the party!

Here is how to make homemade PAW Patrol invitations:


- A printer

- White card stock

- Coloured paper or coloured printer paper


Choose a design for your homemade PAW Patrol invitation. There are plenty of clip art images on the internet to choose from but if you want to make things even more personal, why not draw it yourself?

Once you have chosen your design, simply follow the instructions below and cut each panel before assembling them together.

  • Step One - Draw or print your PAW Patrol invitations onto white cardstock. Make sure that you choose a thick enough card so that when printed, the invitations won't tear in children’s pockets or school bags.
  • Step Two - Add some decorations or extra bits to your invitations for a personal touch, such as glitter glue, stickers etc.
  • Step Three - Include your child's name, the name of the guest, the time and location of the party, and anything that the guest will need to bring with them i.e. their pyjamas if you are hosting a PAW Patrol pyjama party.
  • Step Four - Send the invitations in the post or have your child hand them out to all their friends.

Alternatively, you can design the invitations on the computer and email them to the recipients. This can be a discrete way to hand out the invitations if your party only has limited space for guests because children who aren't invited won't be disappointed when they see paper invitations being handed out.


PAW Patrol Fancy Dress Ideas

When you're planning a PAW Patrol themed party it's important to consider the costumes! After all, what is an adventure without some incredible crime fighting dogs?

The best way to get your kids excited for the party is to help them to design and make their own PAW Patrol fancy dress costumes!

Here are some easy PAW Patrol costume ideas:

Rubble - A firefighter costume.

Marshall - An astronaut's helmet and a lifejacket.

Chase - Police uniform or an FBI agent outfit. You can even include handcuffs!

Skye - A pilot uniform or a flight attendant's outfit.

Zuma - A lifeguard's outfit or a sailor suit.

PAW Patrol Pyjamas

PAW Patrol Pyjama Party Ideas

Who says that kids can't save Adventure Bay in their PJs? There are so many reasons why hosting a PAW Patrol themed pyjama party is perfect. First of all, kids love sleepovers and who doesn't want to stay up late playing games in their PJs? Second, there will be no PAW Patrol party-pooping parents saying it is time to go home when the PAW Patrol party is just getting going. Third, a PAW Patrol pyjama party means that the little PAW Patrol fans can stay up late watching, you guessed it, PAW Patrol!

We have a huge range of PAW Patrol PJs so that all the children will be snug as a bug as they curl up to watch their heroes save Adventure Bay!

PAW Patrol Party Food Ideas

The next step in planning the ultimate PAW Patrol kids' party is thinking about what food you are going to serve!

Most children will be thrilled if they receive a themed birthday cake, but there's no need to stop at that when it comes to making this party extra special.

Here are some ideas for serving delicious PAW Patrol themed food:

Marshall - A space ice cream sundae served on rocket-shaped crackers or sandwiches made using two colourful cupcakes and astronaut helmet shaped cookie cutters.

Rubble - A firefighter hot dog which can easily be created by putting a frankfurter in an oven-safe roll, wrapping it with bacon strips and adding cheese.

Chase - A police themed menu of hot dogs, fries and ketchup. You could even serve them on blue plates!

Skye - A pilot's sandwich made using two triangular shaped pieces of bread which are then cut into wings. Slice some fruit up to resemble clouds before serving the sandwiches alongside watermelon slices.

Zuma - A beach theme party would not be complete without virgin pina coladas served in coconut shells or shrimp cocktail style appetizers. These can also include calamari rings for more seafood fun!


PAW Patrol Arts & Crafts Ideas

Creating your own PAW Patrol themed party arts and crafts is a great way to keep the kids entertained! You can make everything from homemade masks, PAW Patrol paper garlands for wall decoration, or even your own PAW Patrol tattoos.

Here is what you will need to get started:

Marshall - Make Marshall's fire fighter helmet using blue, red and black card and then let the children decorate their helmets with paint.

Rubble - Create a sand pit for the children to dig through in order to find buried treasure like PAW Patrol party favours or candy!

Skye - Paint an ocean scene on large sheets of cardboard before letting the kids add sea creatures like starfish, crabs and sharks.

Zuma - Set up a water-themed art station where you provide various items such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners and pom-poms which kids can use to create their very own ocean scene.

PAW Patrol balloons

PAW Patrol Party Bag Ideas

While you are at the party store or craft shop choosing PAW Patrol themed party bag items for your guests, remember that they don't need to be expensive!

Some of our favourite PAW Patrol party favour ideas include:

Marshall - Themed pencils with a fire hydrant drawn on them or firefighter badges. You could also add some sweets as an extra treat.

Rubble - A toy shovel and little toy dinosaurs will make the perfect Rubble gifts for your guests.

Chase - A police themed metal coin bank is ideal for PAW Patrol party bags, but if you can't track one down, how about Chase's iconic red cap?

Skye - Decorative wings or a plastic glider are both fantastic Skye-inspired gifts.

Zuma -Bubbles, water balloons or even seashells make great Zuma themed gifts to finish off the party bags.


PAW Patrol Party Game Ideas

No kid's party is complete without some exciting games, so to continue with our personalised PAW Patrol party theme, here are some ideas for games which represent the different characters:

Marshall - Musical fire hydrants can be set up around your garden or house where kids will have to stand in order to listen as you play classic tunes like 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. When they hear something that sounds like a siren (a high-pitched note) everyone has to move on until one child is left standing by themselves. (Think musical chairs!)

Chase - Blindfolded obstacle course fun! Tie a bandana around each child's eyes and give them one minute to navigate their way through everyday obstacles like chairs, tables and so on. The first child to make it across the finish line without bumping into anything wins an award for being so nimble on their paws!

Skye - Make balloon launchers out of plastic bottles and balloons then let children fire away at targets. A smaller version would also be great indoors if you don't have enough space in your garden too. Just watch out for any light fittings though as they may get damaged with this game!

Zuma - Give each team some sponges plus buckets filled with water then let them come up with their very own game of sponge relay. The first team to make it back to the start line wins!

PAW Patrol Quiz Ideas

A PAW Patrol trivia quiz is the perfect way to test the kids' knowledge of their favourite show and to let them rest after the high-energy party games.

Here are some questions you can include in the quiz which relate to the different characters:

Marshall - How many fire hydrants are there in the PAW Patrol team headquarters?

Rubble - What is Rubble's favourite food?

Skye - Which one of the following characters has a helicopter that transforms into jet pack- Chase, Marshall or Rocky?

Zuma - What episode is it when Zuma gets his pufferfish blowhole stuck with peanut butter and he can't get it off without using special tools from Ryder's backpack?

Ryder - What is Ryder's sister called?

You can either split the kids up into teams or have them compete individually. Either way, make sure you have a PAW Patrol themed prize for the winner!

PAW Patrol Characters

PAW Patrol Episode Marathon

Finally, whether you are hosting your party during the day or it is a PAW Patrol pyjama party, what better to wind things down than with a PAW Patrol episode marathon.

Here are the top 5 episodes which all kids love:

1. Skye's in a Jam

In this episode, Skye is training for an upcoming race when she gets herself stuck in a jam jar. The other PAW Patrollers will have to come and help her out before the day of the race! This light-hearted story teaches children that no challenge is too big if you work together with friends.

2. The Pups Save an Eagle Egg

When Ryder tells his young pup pals about how eagles bring their babies into the world using special eggs, they are so taken aback by what he says that they all go on a mission to find one themselves! However, nothing ever goes smoothly in Adventure Bay, and when Mayor Goodway also becomes involved, he discovers that an unusual game of hide and seek is about to take place!

3. Snow Day

After everyone in Adventure Bay becomes snowed in, Ryder calls upon his loyal PAW Patrol team members along with some surprise visitors from Bunny Burrow who are all more than happy to help out. Not only do they manage to keep the town warm, they even save Farmer Yumi's carrots from freezing before she can sell them at market!

4. The Pups Save The Circus

The pups are all excited when they hear that there is going to be a circus coming to town. However, when they find out the circus has been robbed by some seedy characters called the Clown Bandits who have taken everything including the big top tent, it is up to the rescue pups to save the day again.

5. Pup A Doodle Do

In this episode, Mayor Goodway asks Chase to take part in a dance competition so that she can raise money for her favourite charity. At first, Chase is reluctant, but with some encouragement from Skye and Zuma, he gives in after deciding if nothing else, it will be good fun.


Final Thoughts

PAW Patrol is an awesome kids television show and is also the perfect theme for an action packed kid’s party. Whether you are hosting a pyjama party or a daytime event (or both!), we hope this guide has given you some great tips to ensure that it goes off with a bang! As long as you plan well in advance, you should be able to pull off the perfect PAW Patrol party. As Chase would say: "No job is too big, no pup is too small!"