Plan The Perfect Family Movie Night

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jun 21, 2019


Who doesn't love a family movie night? We're talking popcorn, cosy pyjamas and a family-friendly blockbuster that the kids are buzzing over. Family time is SO important and a movie night is a perfect way to spend some quality time together.  Why not make it just a touch more special with our 5 simple steps to ensuring the PERFECT family movie night?  

Your Movie Night Checklist  

- Cosy Character Pyjamas 
There's nothing we love more than a cosy pair of Character Pyjamas for the whole family! Being comfortable whilst you're enjoying your family film night is a must! It's time to crack out your favourite pair of pyjamas, or, treat you and the rest of your family to a new pair from!  

- A Selection Of Treats
No movie night is truly complete without a selection of delicious treats! Let's be honest, the best part about anything in life is the food, right? We're talking popcorn, jellies and even some homemade treats if you're feeling fancy.

- Select your movie.
Remember the age and likes of everyone in your family and decide on a film that will appeal to everyone.

- Set a time and a place.
Since Family Movie Night is meant to be a shared, bonding activity, you might consider scheduling it into your family calendar. Choose a comfortable location and a time that works for everyone. If you have young children, aim to schedule an earlier movie night so they can enjoy it before bedtime.

- Consider including movie-related activities.
A quick Google search of printable activities related to the film you’re watching will likely pull up colouring sheets, puzzles and even discussion points. These simple activities are a great way to encourage communication among families and open up a dialogue about the themes depicted in the film.

 Make It Even More Special  

 - Build a Blanket Fort
Who doesn't love a good blanket fort? Get the kids involved and build a family blanket fort complete with cosy blankets, fairy lights and cuddly toys of the kids' favourite movie characters.

- Plan a Theme
To make the Movie Night even more special, why not plan everything around a theme? For example, if your film of choice is The Jungle Book, make jungle themed treats, decorate the living area with jungle themed decorations, and you can even dress up as characters from The Jungle Book. Sound fun? Of course, it does!