3 Ways To Beat The January Blues

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Jan 06, 2020

3 Ways To Beat The January Blues

January has hit with a bang. The dark mornings and next no sunshine can really take their tole, especially after the joy of the festive season. Today is the first Monday of the decade, so we're here to help you banish those January Blues, so that you can start 2020 how you mean to go on! 

3 Ways To Beat The January Blues 

1. Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes at the start of the year we can set ourselves some overambitious goals and resolutions. Being ambitious is great, however, sometimes we can be easily disappointed if we've set ourselves goals and standards that we just can't keep up with. Sometimes, the best thing to get you into the right headspace is to set yourself a handful of realistic goals. Even if it's something as simple as drinking more water, or replying to your text messages quicker. Setting realistic goals is a great way to get your feeling more motivated. 

2. Treat Yourself to some new Pyjamas!

January is a long, dark and cold month in general. So, treating yourself, your friends or your family to some new pyjamas, can only go down a treat, right? 

3. Practise Mindfulness 

The main factors that makes us feel 'blue' throughout January is 100% our mindset. Admittedly, the dark morning and cold days have a knock on effect with our mood throughout the month, however, taking some time for yourself to practise some mindfulness can do you the world of good. Take some time to just relax, whether you follow along with an online meditation, or you just enjoy some time to yourself and focusing on your goals.