New In Children's Character Pyjamas You Won't Want To Miss!

by BoostCommerce Collaborator on Aug 28, 2019

New In Children's Character Pyjamas You Won't Want To Miss!

Now that the along awaited bank holiday weekend is over and the kids will soon be back at school. Those late summer nights of no-school fun will soon be over and we will be welcomed with the fear of bedtime once again. However, here at, we want to put the excitement and fun back into bedtime with our spectacular range of Children's Character Pyjamas. 

New In Children's Character Pyjamas You Won't Want To Miss! 

We know that bedtime can be difficult once your usual routine has been broken. There's nothing worse than sleepless children who want to stay up late and play, rather than get the nights sleep they need before they go back to school. Our new-in pyjamas are sure to have the kids asking to go to bed, just so they can get cosy and dream of their favourite characters latest adventures. 

Disney Lion King Long Pyjamas - £9.99 

Enemies beware, the king of the pride is due his hard earned sleep. Running around the watering hole causing mischief can be hard work, so why not treat your adorable lion cub to some ROARsome new pyjamas? Cosy, comfortable and ready for anything. 

Disney The Lion King Long Childrens Character Pyjamas

Paw Patrol Skye Long Pyjamas - £8.99 

Just how like Skye has gotta fly, your little one has got to catch some shut eye. These adorable long pyjamas are super cosy and comfortable so that your little one will have the nights sleep you've always dreamed of. 

Paw Patrol Skye Girls Long Character Pyjamas

PinkFong Baby Shark Long Pyjamas

Send your baby shark swimming off to bed in our new PinkFong Baby Shark Pyjamas.  Cosy, comfortable and high quality, you'll be a fool not to snap these pyjamas up! 

Baby Shark Long Pyjamas