Girl's Christmas Pyjamas: Perfect PJs for Cold Winter Nights!

by mark milner on Aug 11, 2021

girls christmas pyjamas

When the days start getting shorter and the cold weather start creeping in, it can mean only one thing; it's nearly Christmas!

Christmas is without doubt one of the most special times of the year when families can come together and spend quality time with each other. It is a time for exchanging gifts, eating delicious food, and showing our loved ones how much they mean to us.

Christmas is especially exciting for children, who look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus long before Christmas morning arrives. All of that anticipation can be tough, so why not help your children get excited with some cosy Christmas nightwear. 

We have a huge range of pyjamas, onesies, dressing gowns and slippers, which are all perfect for keeping your little ones warm while they listen out for reindeer hooves. 

Here are our top picks for girls this Christmas!



Merry Christmas Pyjamas


girls merry christmas pyjamas


Choosing the right colours for your children's pyjamas can be difficult because every child likes different ones. However, if it is good enough for Santa, it is good enough for us, and these red and white Merry Christmas PJs will make the perfect present for any girl this holiday season.

They come with long sleeves and long bottoms to keep your children warm this Winter and have a super cute design on the top featuring Rudolph, a snowman, and Santa Claus himself. 

Little Elf and Big Elf Pyjamas


girls little elf pyjamasgirls big elf pyjamas

While Santa is the definitely the main man when it comes to delivering Christmas presents, he would be nowhere without his team of helpers. As well as his reindeers who fly him from house to house on Christmas Eve, Santa also needs his magical elves to make all the toys in his workshop. 

For many kids, the elves are just as special as Santa himself, and so to celebrate all their hard work, we have these special elf pyjamas in Christmas candy colours. There are Big Elf pyjamas for older girls and Little Elf pyjamas for younger girls so that everyone can have a go at being an elf this Christmas. Like all our Christmas pyjamas, these sets come with long sleeves and bottoms to keep your little ones extra warm this Winter.

If there are any parents who want to try becoming an elf this Christmas too, we even have full matching family sets with adult size pyjamas. 


Elf On The Shelf Pyjamas


girls elf of the shelf pyjamas


There are so many fun games to play with your kids at Christmas, and one really fun game that has emerged in recent years is Elf on the Shelf. This is where families get a toy elf and leave it someone in their house before going to bed. What all children know (but many parents have forgotten!) is that all toy elves come alive at night, and so in the morning, the family has to find where the elf has moved to. Some elves are helpful and can be found doing the dishes or feeding the cat, but others are more mischievous and are found making a mess in the morning.

To make this game even more special, these Elf on the Shelf pyjamas are perfect for keeping girls warm while they are on the lookout in the morning. For any parents who are feeling left out, we also have matching Elf on the Shelf pyjamas that come in adult sizes too. Now, nobody needs to be left out of the fun!

Elf in Training Pyjamas


girls elf in training pyjamas

While being a Christmas elf may sound a lot of fun, any real elf will tell you that when Christmas comes around, it is all hands on deck! With toys to make for billions of children around the world, Santa selects only the very best for his workshop.

Fortunately, these Elf in Training pyjamas can help all the wannabe elves get ready for the big day. They come with long sleeves and bottoms to keep the North Pole chill out, and have candy cane stripes. There are even matching family pyjamas for all the mums and dads who want to be elves too.


Elf on the Shelf Believe Pyjamas


girls elf believe pyjamas

Everyone knows how important Christmas spirit is, and without it, Santa's reindeers wouldn't be able to pull Santa's sleigh. One of the easiest way to dampen Santa's spirit is when he hears people say that they don't believe in him. That's why these special Elf on the Shelf pyjamas are so perfect because they can help to restore everyone's Christmas spirit with their #Believe message. They come with a white long sleeved top and festive red and white snowflake bottoms. There are also mum and dad sized sets so that the whole family can believe together and help to spread that Christmas spirit.


Disney's Frozen Olaf Pyjamas


girls olaf christmas pyjamas

Do you want to build a snowman??!!

Disney has so many fantastic family films to watch at Christmas but Frozen is the perfect movie for getting into the wintery spirit. While the princesses, Anna and Elsa are most girls' favourites, there is no doubt that Olaf is the funniest character in the movie. With his hilarious jokes and his big goofy smile, these Olaf pyjamas will brighten every girl's morning.

These pyjamas come in pretty pastel pink and green and are nice and long for when the weather is cold. Just make sure that your little ones don't go outside wearing just these pyjamas when it is time for them to make their own snowman.

Disney's Frozen 2 Elsa Pyjamas


girls frozen elsa pyjamas

From Olaf to one of the two beautiful Frozen princesses, these Elsa Dream of Magic pyjamas are perfect for all of the Elsa fans out there. While Elsa was always told as a child she needed to try and control her magical powers, all Frozen fanatics know that it was Elsa's powers and bravery that helped save the day in the movie. These pyjamas come in icy blue (but they the long sleeves and bottoms are super cosy), and are sure to make every girl feel every bit the awesome magical princess! On the front of the top it says "Dream of Magic", and Christmas is definitely the best time to do that!


Disney's Frozen Anna Elsa Pyjamas


girls Frozen Anna Elsa pyjamas

Of course, Elsa wouldn't have been able to do anything without her younger sister, Anna, and these pyjamas featuring both princesses are perfect for girls who love the two sisters just the same! Like the Elsa PJs, they come with long sleeves and bottoms, and have a beautiful winter forest pattern with pink cuffs and ankles. If you look closely, you can even see Olaf in the background with his usual goofy smile! There is also an inspiring message on the pyjama top that says "Trust Your Journey" which is a great motto for everyone to follow.

Disney's Frozen II Believe in The Journey Pyjamas


Girls frozen believe pyjamas

Frozen is such a great film series because there are so many awesome characters. As well as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, there is also Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. In the films (spoiler alert!), these characters become great friends, so these pyjamas featuring all of them are really special. Like many of the other Frozen PJs in our range, this super cute set comes in icy blue, and they feature the inspiring message "Believe in the Journey".

Little Bear Christmas Pyjamas


girls little bear pyjamas

These Little Bear pyjamas are wonderful for both girls and boys, and they have such a great Christmas design. The top comes in red and white just like Santa's outfit and has super cute Little Bear logo on the front. What makes these pyjamas really special though is definitely the blue bottoms with a snowflake, christmas tree, and bear pattern.

For all the dad who want to match with their children this Christmas, there are also Daddy Bear pyjamas which are perfect for snuggling up with the little kids to watch a Christmas movie together. 


Penguin Dressing Gown


girls dressing gown penguin

As well as all those awesome girls' Christmas pyjamas, we also have some fantastic dressing gowns for when that winter weather really starts to kick in. This unbelievably cool penguin dressing gown comes in a super soft grey fleece material with white dalmation-style spots. What makes this dressing gown so special, though, has to be the cute penguin face on the hood. It is suitable for both boys and girls so everyone gets to be a penguin this Christmas!

Deer Dressing Gown


girls dressing gown deer

Penguins aren't the only animal that lives in the snow, and this deer dressing gown is also super warm and cosy. Perfect for girls and boys alike, it comes complete with a cute reindeer face hood, and of course, two awesome antlers. The dressing gown is tan colour with white spots to help your little deers camouflage themselves this winter. If only this dressing gown could help them to fly like Santa's reindeers!

Reindeer Onesie


girls reindeer onesie

If a dressing gown just isn't cosy enough, how about this awesome reindeer onesie! It is perfect for both boys and girls and comes in a super warm and cosy brown fleece material. Like the dressing gown, this onesie also has a reindeer face hood and antlers, but there is one big difference! Have you spotted it?

Look at the nose! It's red, and there is only one reindeer with a red nose; Rudolph! Your little ones can wear this onesie on Christmas Eve while they listen out for Rudolph and his other reindeer friends.


Snowman Onesie


girls snowman onesie


I'm walking in the air!!!!

There is nothing better than playing in the snow, especially if there is enough to build your own snowman!

Christmas films are full of awesome snowmen, from Olaf in Frozen, to the magical flying snowman in the classic children's animation. This super snug onesie will have your little ones feeling like they are made of snow themselves (although they definitely won't be cold while wearing it!)

It comes in white fleece material with classic black buttons, and an awesome carrot nose on the hood.


Children's Elf Slippers


girls christmas elf slippers

While PJs, dressing gowns, and onesies, will keep all the little bodies nice and snug, we can't forget about their feet. Everyone knows how chilly the floor can get at Christmas tie, but these Christmas Elf slippers will help to keep their toes toasty even when Jack Frost is nipping away at them.

They come in red and green with a fluffy white trim and are a perfect match for some awesome Christmas elf pyjamas.

Children's Rudolph Slippers


girls rudolph slippers

From Christmas elves to Santa's other important helpers, these awesome slippers come in the shape of the most famous reindeer of all. Can you guess which one it is? Not Prancer. Not Dasher! It's Rudolph! You can tell from his bright red nose which he uses to light the way for Santa's sleigh. Like our elf shoe slippers, these are perfect for all children, boys and girls, and will help them to tiptoe downstairs on Christmas morning to try and catch a glimpse of Santa Claus as he comes down the chimney.


There is nothing cosier than a warm pair of pyjamas and these festive Christmas PJs are perfect for getting all the little girls into the Christmas spirit. We have so many fantastic pairs to choose from, as well as toasty dressing gowns, onesies, and slippers. All pyjamas are made from 100% cotton so they are totally machine washable, to keep your little ones clean and cosy all winter long!

Merry Christmas everybody!