Men’s Cosy Pyjamas: the Ultimate Style Guide

by mark milner on Jul 06, 2021

Men's Cosy Pyjamas

There is no better feeling than getting home, kicking off your work gear, and settling down into something more comfortable. It could be argued that men’s pyjamas fell out of fashion for a while, with some men preferring the underwear-vest combo. But like all great things, men’s pyjamas they have made a monumental comeback, and there is now no question that they are here to stay. 

Whether you like traditional PJs or a novelty pair with your favourite movie character, our selection of cozy men’s pyjamas, lounge pants, and dressing gowns are perfect for bedtime or just relaxing around the house.

Classic PJs

cosy pjs for men

For the sophisticated man who wants comfort and style, popping on a pair of classic pyjamas (with some wool lined slippers perhaps!) is the only way to relax. Choosing the perfect pair of pyjamas is all about comfort and the first thing you will need to do is to choose between a short-sleeve top and a long-sleeve one. Some men prefer the extra breathability of short sleeves while others enjoy the added warmth of longer sleeves, especially when there is a winter chill in the air.

Short-sleeve pyjamas

For those chaps who prefer a little breeze around their guns, our Foxbury short-sleeve pyjama shirt will keep you cool and stop you from sweating on even the stuffiest nights while the polyester-cotton blend trousers grey, fitted pants are perfect both for bedtime and for lounging around reading the morning papers. These 100% cotton pyjamas are machine washable and at just and at just £11.99 should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe.

When things are getting chilly, you may need to switch things up and go with some traditional long-sleeve pyjamas. 

Long-sleeve cotton pyjamas

Long sleeve cotton pyjamas are super casual and comfortable. They are soft, simple and will keep you warm at night and on brisk winter mornings. The top is a nice blend of cotton and polyester, while the bottoms are 100% pure soft cotton. These pyjamas are just £15.99 and come in three different colour combinations. 

Long-sleeve button-up pyjamas

The great thing about these is that they have a looser cut than other long-sleeve PJs so they are incredibly breathable. Alternatively, you may want to consider a pair of our brushed warm flannel PJs. They have a more sophisticated look than other styles of pyjamas so all you need to do is pop on a pair of slippers when you go to the post box for your morning papers...think James Bond’s pyjamas in Live and Let Die rather than Ebenezer Scrooge’s nightshirt. Just ditch the cotton night cap and fix yourself a martini nightcap, shaken not stirred. Pick up a pair of either for just £16.99.

Lounge Pants

The trend for wearing lounge pants rather than a full pyjama set has really taken off in recent years with many men preferring to stay shirtless or just wear a regular t-shirt in bed and around the house. We have loads of novelty pairs but the snazziest just have to be these official Batman pants with an all-over print of the Caped Crusader’s logo. They may not be the lounge pants you deserve, but they are the lounge pants you need. 

Football Pyjamas

football pyjamas

We all love wearing our team’ colours whether that is at the game or just watching from home, so what better gift for a football fan than a pair of official football club pyjamas. We have pairs from all the big Premier League clubs, so wherever your loyalties lie, you can sleep in perfect comfort and dream of scoring the winning goal in an FA Cup Final.


Manchester City pyjamas

For all the Citizens out there, these official Manchester City pyjamas match a long-sleeved top in City’s iconic sky blue with some dark blue bottoms. They are perfect for when that Blue Moon rises and it is time for bed or a little late night Match of the Day. At just £17.99, you won’t even need Sheikh Mansour to pay for them. Aguerooooooo…...!

Manchester United pyjamas

If you are a fan of the red side of Manchester rather than the blue, fear not, because we have you sorted as well! Our official Manchester Utd pyjamas come with a classic “red devils” red top and blue trousers. These pyjamas are perfect for nodding off and dreaming of better times, when Sir Alex was still in the dugout, and rivals Manchester City were still playing in the lower leagues. These pyjamas are just £17.99, so the Glazers won’t need to put their hands in their pockets to help (as usual!)

Liverpool FC pyjamas

Speaking of Manchester Utd’s rivals, there are few matches in world football where feelings run quite so high as Utd vs Liverpool. For all the Kop faithful, our official Liverpool FC pyjamas come in both the home and away colours so you can mix and match. Alternatively, if there is more than one Liverpool fan in your house, one of you can wear the home colours and the other person can wear the away colours. That way, you’ll never sleep alone!

Chelsea Pyjamas

If even the idea of wearing the colours of Liverpool or the two Manchester clubs is enough to give you nightmares, then fear not, because we have just what you need. These official Chelsea pyjamas come in true King’s Road blue with the proud Chelsea lion on the chest. Every time you go to sleep in these PJs, you can imagine you are John Terry lifting Chelsea’s first European title. At just £18.99, you could buy two and a half million pairs of pyjamas for the price of just one Fernando Torres.

Football Lounge Pants

For those men who don’t need a full pyjama set, we have some super cosy football-inspired lounge pants which are ideal for plonking yourself down on the sofa to watch the weekend’s games. As well as pants for all the clubs above, we also have some Tottenham Hotspur lounge pants for the long suffering Spurs fans to enjoy. These super comfy pants are official club merchandise and are emblazoned all over with the club logo. The last few seasons (and decades) may have been trophyless for Spurs, but at only £7.99, you can still feel like a winner with these official Tottenham lounge pants.

TV and Movie Pyjamas

TV and Movie Pyjamas

There are few things in life more enjoyable than settling down with your family to watch a movie with everyone already in their pyjamas. Whether you are in bed with your kids or you are squeezed on the sofa, PJs, slippers, and a bowl of popcorn makes movie night that little more cosy. So what could be better than donning your favourite pair of TV or movie inspired pyjamas for the occasion? 

Star Wars Pyjamas

The force can be with you every bedtime with our range of awesome Star Wars pyjamas. For those hot summer evenings, try our t-shirt and shorts Baby Yoda Mandalorian pyjama set. Inspired by the incredibly popular series, these PJs sport the cutest Star Wars character since Jabba the Hutt on the t-shirt, with a Baby Yoda/Star Wars logo print on the shorts. At just £15.99, you will still have plenty of cash for a drink in Mos Eisley Cantina. Just make sure you shoot first!


Marvel Pyjamas

The Marvel Movie Series has taken the world by storm, and while every man is a bona fide superhero in his own imagination, those dreams can be a reality with our huge range of pyjamas. Available in long and short styles, you can find sets with all your favourite Marvel characters, such as Guardians of the Galaxy (£17.99), and The Avengers. Why not pick up a matching pair for your Marvel mad kids, and settle down for a Marvel movie marathon! 

Superman Pyjamas

From Marvel superheroes to the original and the best, Superman is still the one to beat when it comes to kicking baddie’s butts. Our Superman pyjama tops have the exact same design as the man of steel’s iconic costume except they have short-sleeves so you can show off your muscles. The long bottoms may leave less to the imagination than Superman’s famous red pants, but they will keep you snug and cosy at night. Check out our Superhero pyjamas here.

Harry Potter Pyjamas

The Harry Potter series is beloved by kids and big kids the world over, so as well as our range of children’s Harry Potter PJs, we have loads of great pairs for grown up muggles too. This pair of Gryffindor PJs (because we all know that nobody wants to be a Slytherin!) come with the famous house’s lion symbol on the t-shirt and matching long pyjama bottoms. Perfect for keeping warm in a draughty old castle or for snuggling up for a Harry Potter movie marathon. This pair is £17.99 but we will accept gold Galleons too. 

Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Pyjamas

It is a well-established fact that dads love socks and pyjamas for Christmas. With that in mind, we have got loads of Christmas PJs which are perfect for kicking back with your selection box to watch Christmas movies with the kids. 

Our Elf on the Shelf PJs are inspired by the popular craze of the same name where (cover children’s eyes!) parents place an elf toy in different places each night in the lead up to Christmas to make sure the kids are behaving themselves. These long-sleeved pyjamas come in blue and holiday red and are decorated all over with snowflakes. At just £18.99, they make the perfect stocking filler to get even the grumpiest Grinch into the spirit of Christmas.

For those particularly chilly Christmas nights, you may want to ditch the regular PJs for something a little cosier. These pyjamas are not only great fun, they also come with warm fleece bottoms to keep you snug when the winter snow starts to fall. At just £18.99 a pair, that is no price at all for keeping your Christmas crackers cosy!

Inspirational Dad Quote Pyjamas

Okay, the “inspirational” may be a bit of a fib, but we have some great pyjama sets in both long and short styles with some hilarious dad quotes. At just £14.99, if you are buying these as a Father’s Day or Christmas gift, you may still have enough pennies left over to buy the new toolbox (or beer!) that your dad needs.

Dressing Gowns and Robes

Dressing Gowns and Robes

Finally, no man’s wardrobe is ever complete without a quality dressing gown or robe, and no matter what kind of PJs you wear underneath, you are sure to stay snug and warm. For the ultimate in comfort, you cannot beat a fleece dressing gown, and our range of fleece gowns are perfect for chilly mornings and cosy evenings. If it’s good enough for Hugh Hefner and Scrooge McDuck, it’s good enough for us! Check out our full selection of dressing gowns here starting at just £14.99! 

The perfect pair of men's pyjamas should be comfortable, cosy, and a whole lot of fun! Whether you are looking for something more traditional or you want to go all0out with a novelty pair of PJs, we have just what you are looking for! 

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