Peppa Pig Party Ideas

by mark milner on Oct 12, 2021

Peppa Pig Party Ideas

Peppa Pig is a much-loved TV show that has been on the air for over ten years. It's no wonder kids love it so much, with Peppa's cheeky personality, her fun adventures and her family who are always there to support her when she needs them! A Peppa Pig themed party is perfect for any occasion because there are so many ways for children to get into the Peppa Pig spirit.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to organise the ultimate Peppa Pig party. From homemade invitations and fancy dress costumes, to Peppa Pig food and party games, here is how to plan a Peppa Pig party that your guests will never forget!

Peppa Pig arts and crafts

Homemade Peppa Pig Party Invitations

Peppa Pig party invitations can be made in just a few empty steps. First you will need:

  • white card stock paper 
  • red, purple and pink paint pens or crayons (to match the Peppa Pig colour scheme)
  • a printer with colored ink (optional) 

Then, follow these steps to make the invitations:

  1. Draw two big rectangle eyes on one side of the invitation to represent Peppa's face. 
  2. On the other side write 'you are invited!' in bold lettering followed by all the party details such as time, date, location and so on. If you have access to a printer it is recommended that this section be printed in color, but if not, just write it carefully so that all the information is clear. 
  3. Cut around each individual invitation so they look professional.
  4. Put your homemade invitations in envelopes and seal them with a Peppa Pig sticker. 
  5. Add the address you would like guests to send their RSVP's back to, along with any other important information such as what time children should arrive at the party. 


Peppa Pig Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

For any Peppa Pig themed birthday party, the best way to get into character is by wearing a homemade or store-bought Peppa Pig costume. You can find a ready-made costume online easily enough, but if you want your child's outfit to stand out from everyone else's at the party, then it might be worth making one yourself:

One really easy way of doing this is to use red t-shirts or long sleeve tops along with some black leggings. If you want your child to look like Peppa then simply draw on a face and add pig ears which can be made out of felt, cardboard or just glued onto the top! Alternatively, you could use face paint to get the right piggy look!

For a George costume, all you need is a simple blue T-shirt with red shorts or jeans. To complete the look add pink cardboard ears and black shoes to finish off.

Peppa Pig pyjamas

Peppa Pig Pyjama Party

An alternative to fancy dress is to host a pyjama party where all the children can wear their Peppa Pig PJs. We have a huge range of pyjamas featuring all the most popular characters from the show so your child will be able to find the perfect pair for their pyjama party (please mind the alliteration!)

Children love to stay up late and enjoy a fun night with their friends, so all you need to do is invite all the kids over for dinner and then put on a Peppa Pig marathon and let them all snuggle up together. 

Other activities that work well at sleepovers include playing board games like Twister, watching kid-friendly scary movies while snacking on popcorn and candy floss, telling ghost stories, or simply having pillow fights until everyone is too tired to keep going - which might not be long after they change into their pajamas anyway!

The great thing about a Peppa Pig pyjama party is that it can be held for both boys and girls alike! Just make sure you remind them to bring their PJs, toothbrushes, and everything else they will need to stay the night.


Peppa Pig Arts and Crafts Ideas

There are plenty of fun arts and crafts activities you can do at your child's Peppa Pig themed birthday which all the kids will absolutely love.

Make Peppa Pig Party Bags

  • Using paper plates or pieces of white card, cut out different sized circles and draw on pig faces in black pen.
  • Glue these onto plain brown cardboard boxes which have been spray painted gold (you may want to do this beforehand as this can be really messy and isn’t a great idea with kids). 
  • Next, add small handles by cutting two strips from thin wooden doweling, and insert them through pre-drilled holes found along each side of the boxes. 

The kids can use these as party bags to collect their treats in the morning. For an easier alternative, use gift bags rather than cardboard boxes and have the kids decorate them with glitter and felt tip pens.

Pig masks

  • Purchase a sheet of white craft foam and cut out the shape of a pig's face. 
  • Next, use an orange marker to create circles around each eye as well as two small lines on top for eyebrows before drawing in its mouth with brown pens or pencils. 
  • Finally, add some natural materials like twigs from your garden or flowers from your supermarket then draw string onto one side so that kids can tie it up behind their head!

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas for Kids

There are so many delicious food ideas that you could serve at your Peppa Pig party. Bacon, pork chops...just kidding! All kids love eating sweet treats at parties so here are some tasty ideas that will make sure there aren't any food fights:

First up, chocolate cookies can easily become pig-shaped by pressing two candy eyes into each one followed by a small pink jelly bean nose - this makes great finger food or decoration on top of cupcakes. For fun hot dog snacks which have been decorated with icing to make them look like piglets, simply cut out some small ovals of black fondant before pressing onto the hot dogs which have been slathered in ketchup or mustard beforehand.

You can also make some"Muddy Puddings" from the TV show. To begin making these, use store bought cupcake cases then fill them halfway up with chocolate pudding mix before baking them in the oven until they have risen slightly. This should take roughly 15 minutes depending on how hot your oven is. Next, use chocolate frosting to pipe on top of each pudding before sticking a gummy worm into the centre for added effect!

Another easy way to prepare Peppa Pig themed food is to just dye all your regular food pink! You can do this by adding food dye into mashed potatoes or ice cream. You can also replace regular milk at the table with pink strawberry milk, or chocolate milk, as this is known to be a Peppa Pig favourite!

Peppa Pig Party Decorations

Peppa Pig Themed Decorations

To get all your guests in the party mood, you will need to make sure your house looks suitably piggy! There are some really cute ways you can decorate your home or backyard, all of which revolve around the colour pink:

For outside: hang up some pink paper crepe streamers which you can find in any craft store, along with pink balloons that have been tied on with ribbon. You can also buy or make tissue pom-poms before stringing them together for an instant display. 

For indoors: cover surfaces such as tables, counters and chairs with pink paper table cloths. These will double both as decorations and will protect your home from spills and sticky fingers. To lay out the party food, you can use pink party cups with matching plates, plastic cutlery, and napkins for a festive touch! 

Peppa Pig Party Games for Kids

There are loads of different Peppa Pig party games you play. One way to transform the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game is to change it to Pin the Tail on the Pig. Likewise, you can play Pass the Parcel, where all the prizes are Peppa Pig prizes, and you wrap the parcel in pink paper.

Another fun activity for older children is a Peppa Pig trivia quiz. To create your own quiz, draw out various scenes from the show onto colourful paper and ask questions about each one such as "Where does Daddy Pig work?". You can stick these up around your home and garden to make it a scavenger hunt to find the answers, and the winning team can win a prize.


Peppa Pig Party Bags

Every great party needs party bags so that the guests can go home happy! If the kids have already made the bags or boxes as explained above during arts and crafts time, all you need to do is fill them up! There are so many cute Peppa Pig sticks, stationary and other novelty items which are ideal for a Peppa Pig Party bag. If it was a birthday party, you can also put in a piece of birthday cake, wrapped up in pink tissue paper. As well as the cake, add some more tasty treats like pink and white marshmallow, strawberry milkshake sweets, fizzy pink laces, shrimp sweets, pink flying saucers, and strawberry and cream chupa chups. The kids may already be full from the party, but they can save it all for later when they are feeling peckish again.

Peppa Pig party food

Who are the Main Peppa Pig Characters?

Peppa Pig is a five year old pig who lives with her parents, three younger siblings and pet cat. She loves playing games on the school playground as well as dressing up in different costumes at home! Peppa has a little brother, George, as well as two best friends called Danny Dog (a dog) and Rebecca Rabbit (a rabbit), both of whom she spends lots of time together with during playtime or when going out to meet new people such as Dr Brown Bear or Miss Rabbit from Nursery School.

George is Peppa's four year old little brother. He is always up to mischief by getting into all sorts of trouble. He loves playing with his toy dinosaur or dressing like an astronaut for fun. George is always annoying Peppa but deep down she loves her little brother very much.

Daddy Pig is an engineer that works hard around the house fixing broken toys for his kids before putting them away nicely into their toy boxes. He also enjoys gardening, especially when planting flowers which all have names starting with "P”.

Mummy Pig is a stay at home mum who loves cooking for her family, especially cupcakes that are shaped like dinosaurs or pigs! She also likes to pick up the kids from school and take them on adventures across the local countryside.

Grandpa Pig lives in the countryside where he loves making yummy treats such as jam and strawberry tarts. He also gives Peppa piggyback rides whenever she visits him!

Grandma Pig has lots of time to spend with George, Peppa and their cousins when they visit from school holidays. In particular, Grandma Pig can be found knitting warm winter hats for all children during wintertime while enjoying hot chocolate together by the fireside!

Suzy Sheep is Peppa's best friend from Nursery School, she enjoys painting pictures together during art time. Suzy has four brothers who never get tired of teasing her by calling her silly names!

Danny Dog is Peppa's other best friend from Nursery School, he wears a red jumper and has four sausage dog siblings. Danny is known for playing with Peppa on the school playground when they're not being taught new songs by Miss Rabbit in their classroom!


Final Thoughts

We hope this article gave you some great tips for how to organise the perfect Peppa Pig themed party. The great thing is that Peppa Pig is so well-loved, the children will be excited just to watch a few episodes together, or eat some Peppa Pig food. When it comes to everything from decorating your home to making crafts, just remember, if in doubt, pink! pink! pink!