PJ Party Ideas: Our Top Ten Kids' Party Themes

by mark milner on Sep 13, 2021

PJ Party Ideas: Our Top Ten Kids' Party Themes

Pyjama parties are a great way for children to get together and have some fun in a safe environment. Your child can invite all their friends, choose their favourite foods, and play together with no parents telling them it's time to go home already! The best thing about pyjama parties is that you don't even need an excuse like a birthday to organise one. They are fantastic occasions any time of the year! The kids can just show up at your home with their PJs, play games, watch movies, eat snacks and enjoy each other's company.

But how can you make your child's pyjama party that little bit more special? One way is to plan a themed party based around your child's hobbies or interests. With just a little bit of creativity, you can become a pro pyjama party planner!

Here are ten great themes for your child's next pyjama party.

1. Jungle Themed Pyjama Party

Monkey Onesie

If your children love animals, then a jungle themed pyjama party will be perfect. You can decorate the house with green plants and trees, hang up colourful paper butterflies and tropical birds, and turn your whole house into a jungle paradise. For food, nothing says tropical rainforest like tropical fruit, so trying preparing fruit skewers with pineapple, mango, and banana. To make it super fun and messy, you can even get a chocolate fountain so that your little jungle beasts can cover their fruit skewers in melted chocolate. There are loads of great games and kids activities for a jungle themed pyjama party. The kids can play pin the tail on the tiger or make their own animal masks from paper plates! When it's time for the bedtime movie, pop on Jumanji or the Jungle Book!

We have loads of animal themed nightwear, but when it comes to a jungle party, there is no better way to keep your little monkeys snug and cosy than this super cute monkey onesie! Perfect for both boys and girls, all our onesies are machine washable so don't worry about sticky fingers from the chocolate fountain. Can you say OO EE AA AA?

2. Under the Sea Pyjama Party

Mermaid T-shirt

An Under the Sea theme is fun for both boys and girls because all kids love ocean animals, mermaids and pirates. The best time of year for this kind of party is definitely the summer, because the kids can play outside in the paddling pool during the day time, and then change into the PJs in the evening. You can decorate your home with seashells, and have the kids bake ocean animal shaped cookies. For movie time, there are so many options, from The Little Mermaid to Finding Nemo!

For all the wannabe mermaids, this official Disney Ariel and Flounder t-shirt is the ideal way to stay cool at an Under the Sea Pyjama Party. It comes in five different sizes for ages three up to eight, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your little ones. They can wear it while they sing along to all of the songs from the movie like "Part of that World" and, of course,"Under the Sea"!

3. Outer Space Pyjama Party

Star Wars pyjamas

An Outer Space Pyjama Party is perfect for all the little astronauts out there. There are so many fun activities for the kids to do like building their own spaceship out of cardboard boxes, or having a space battle with Nerf guns or water pistols. When night comes, you can provide the kids with telescopes, flashlights and star maps so they can find new planets on their own! For a bedtime snack, the kids can make their own alien face pizzas, using different ingredients for the alien's eyes, noses, ears and mouths. When it comes to the bedtime movie, there are so many classics like Star Wars and E.T.

We have some fantastic space themed pyjamas, but for true Sci-Fi fans, it can only be our huge range of Star Wars PJs. May The Force be with you!

4. Football Themed Pyjama Party

football pyjamas

If you have football mad kids, what could be better than a football themed pyjama party? This is another one which is best planned as an all-day all-night event because the kids can play football during the day, and then hang out at night. If you have a decent sized garden, set a small football pitch field with jumpers or cones for goal posts. Let the kids choose their teams, and all you will need to do is sit back and watch them play. However, if you want to add a little competition into the mix, you can even invite the other children's parents over for a match too! You can play kids vs adults or mixed teams, just try to keep the fouls to a minimum.

We have pyjama sets for every major Premier League team, and even some of the big European teams like Paris Saint Germain. What better way to bring a bit of the terrace rivalry to the party than every child sporting the colours of their favourite team. We also have a huge range of football onesies, so no matter the weather, your little ones will be nice and cosy when they settle down to watch the big match. Gooooooaaaallllllll!!!!!

5. Winter Wonderland Pyjama Party

Frozen pyjamas

Winter pyjama parties are perfect for when the weather starts to get a bit nippy. If you plan on hosting a winter themed party, there are lots of activities that can be done indoors which will make the party easier to set up in terms of decorations and food. Fun activities include a hot cocoa bar with marshmallows, a candy cane making station, snowflake decorating, or even an indoor snowball fight. If you are lucky to have snow where you live, then forget the indoor snowball fight! The kids can all go out and play in the snow, and when they are suitably exhausted and shivering away, they can change into their PJs and settle down for a movie and some hot cocoa. When it comes to winter bedtime movies there can only be one choice: Frozen!

We have a huge range of Frozen pyjamas for boys and girls, with all your kids' favourite characters including Anna, Else, and Olaf! We have long and short sleeve pyjamas, so whether there is a winter chill in the air, or there is a fire blazing in your living room, the kids will be super snug. Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaan?!

6. Camping Pyjama Party

Harry Potter dressing gown

A Camping Pyjama Party is a great idea for all ages and is a really fun alternative to a traditional pyjama party. All you need to do is set up some tents and sleeping bags in your garden, and the kids will have everything they need to sleep under the stars. Before bedtime, you can make a mini campfire and toast marshmallows, and after the kids zip themselves up in their sleeping bags, they can tell ghost stories by torchlight. Just make sure you choose a night when it is guaranteed not to rain (Difficult in the UK, we know!)

We all know how chilly it can get at night, so as well as making sure all the kids have nice thick sleeping bags, our range of cosy children's dressing gowns are also a great idea. We particularly like these Harry Potter dressing gowns because they are loved by girls and boys alike. If only your little campers had a magic tent like the Weasley's!

7. Christmas Pyjama Party

Christmas pyjamas

Christmas is every child's favourite time of the year, so what better way to celebrate Santa's pending arrival than with a Christmas Pyjama Party? There are so many fun Christmas activities for the kids to do. They can bake and decorate Christmas cookies, and can even write Santa a letter with their toy requests. Of course, there is also the opportunity to watch some classic Christmas movies like Jingle All The Way or Home Alone. A Christmas Pyjama Party doesn't have to be super fancy either; it could just mean having your kids' friends over in their pyjamas with hot cocoa around your living room fire while playing board games and eating gingerbread men together. As an extra treat, have everyone bring one wrapped gift (with a small, predetermined budget) and the kids can all exchange them.

We have a huge range of Christmas pyjamas (for kids and adults!) and so your kids are sure to find a pair they like. To keep them extra snug at their party, they can even match their Christmas PJs with a pair of reindeer or elf feet slippers. What better way to stay nice and quiet and try to catch a glimpse of Santa leaving presents under the tree! Ho Ho Ho!

8. Superheroes Pyjama Party

superhero pyjamas

A Superheroes Pyjama Party is a great idea for boys and girls who are obsessed with all superheroes, from Superman to Black Widow. You can organise a movie marathon with all the best superhero movies like The Avengers Series, and all the other Marvel and DC films. You can even organise a superhero trivia quiz and split the kids up into teams. You can create different rounds like "Match the Superhero Name to the Alias", and "Name that Theme Tune" and the kids can compete to see which teams has the best superhero knowledge.

We have so many awesome pyjama sets featuring all the most popular Marvel and DC heroes for both boys and girls, so whether your little ones are Avenger fans, or they the Guardians of the Galaxy, we have everything they need for their Superheroes Pyjama Party. Avengers assemble!

9. Video Game Tournament Pyjama Party

video games pyjamas

Video games get a bad rep but they are a great way for kids to have fun, compete against their friends, and improve their hand eye coordination. There are even studies which show that video games improve children's reading and comprehension abilities, problem solving skills, and help to reduce childhood stress. A Video Game Tournament Pyjama Party is an awesome theme for a kid's party because all you will need to do is provide snacks and drinks and let the kids get on with it. If your children and their friends love one particular game then they can just play that one all day, or they can organise a tournament in pairs and play lots of different games to see who comes out as the video game champion!

We have some really cool video game pyjamas for all the budding pro-gamers to stay cool and comfortable while they are challenging their friends. We particularly like our video game slogan PJs because they perfectly express how serious kids feel about gaming. All of our video game PJs are perfect for both boys and girls so all your kids will be able to find a pair they love. Ready Player Go!

10. Girls Only Pyjama Party 

Girls pyjamas

Sometimes, girls just need a night in with their friends to share secrets and have fun together, and a pyjama party is perfect for just that. When organising a girls only pyjama party, there is a lot to consider: food, games and activities. The best idea is to leave it up to the girls themselves (we all know they can be trusted to get things organised much better than boys), and let them plan the food, entertainment, and decorations.

All girls are different, and we would never dream of trying to suggest what kinds of PJs your little ones should wear for their Girls Only Pyjama Party. Instead, make sure to check out our full range of girls pyjamas, dressing gowns, and onesies, and there is sure to be something for everyone. Girl power all the way!

Final Thoughts

Kids' pyjama parties are so much, especially when your little ones have the right bedtime attire! Make sure you check out all our kids' pyjamas and you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for, no matter the party theme!