What Should Toddler Wear To Bed - Tips And Ideas For Naps And Bedtime

by mark milner on Mar 18, 2022

What should toddler wear to bed

With sleep, or lack of it playing such an important role in a child’s development, (and it’s fair to say, a parent’s sanity too), you may have found yourself Googling ‘what should toddler wear to bed’ on more than one occasion in an attempt to find the information you need to give them the best chance of sleeping safely, comfortably and soundly. 

Toddlers Should Wear Nightwear To Bed That Is:

  • Convenient - Easy to get on and off
  • Comfortable - Soft cotton without irritating fabrics avoid fleece or synthetic fabrics 
  • Layered - adding socks, vests and blankets to regulate temperature 
  • Practical - Kept in easy reach of their bed 
  • Safe - avoid loose threads, sequins, buttons or tassels
  • Fun to wear - Toddlers love to feel involved in deciding what they wear 

Every parent wants the best for their child and in the early years, it's common to second guess every single thing as you navigate through the sleepless nights, terrible twos and abundance of soft-play ball pits! If you’ve caught yourself agonising into the small hours about whether your child is too hot, too cold, or getting tangled in a blanket, then you’re not alone! 

As bedtime and nap time routines are such a big part of a toddler's day, it’s fair to wonder if the pyjamas your toddler wears make a difference to their quality of sleep, safety, willingness to sleep, and comfort and this article will guide you through the important things to consider. Have Everything You Need! 

Whether you’re buying for your own tots, want to give a welcome present to another new mum and dad or give a practical gift to another child in your life, then have a brilliant selection of sleepwear that ticks all of the boxes above that will help keep toddlers cool in summer and warm in winter to ensure they stand the best chance of sleeping comfortably. 

From family favourite TV and film character prints, cute animals, cosy sleepsuits, superheroes, tutus, and so much more, we have a great selection of long and short pyjamas, onesies, dressing gowns and slippers in pretty patterns and fun colours to choose from that will have little ones jumping into bed in no time! 

Read on for some brilliant toddler pyjamas to choose from and some more helpful tips on how to give little ones the best chance of a good night’s sleep or no drama nap time.  


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Toddlers Are Wrigglers! 

From the age of 1 - 3, your child is a toddler and you’ve passed the days where they can be swaddled and layered up in booties and sleep hats in a cot. They’ve now become active little humans, both day and night! As known wrigglers that want to explore, many toddlers just can’t keep still and it’s important to factor this in when choosing the pyjamas that they will wear to bed.

Look for soft, stretchy fabric that doesn’t restrict their movement in any way. To keep safety first, it’s also best to avoid zips, oddly placed seams or snappers that can irritate their delicate skin as they move around and make sure to choose designs without tassels, sequins, buttons or ties that can cause choking and strangulation hazards. 

Keep Things Convenient

Toddlers are still likely to have a fair few accidents when potty training or require a few nappy changes through the night. With this in mind, pyjamas that are easy to get on and off are essential to make those late night changes as hassle-free as possible. 

It’s a good idea to keep a stash of clean pyjamas, wipes, cream, sheets and anything else you might need close by too to ensure you’re not scrabbling around the house and waking everybody else up too! 

Keeping your child’s pyjamas close to their bed will make it easier to find what you need if a nighttime change is needed. Whether it’s due to a toilet accident or being too hot or cold, having several sets of nightwear in easy reach will ensure they’re changed and back to sleep in no time. 

Get Toddlers Involved 

Two toddlers playing

Toddlers are learning new things every day and in their eyes, the world is a fun and exciting place to be. You can ensure getting ready to sleep is just as rewarding as being awake by getting them involved in choosing which pyjamas they would like to wear as part of their bedtime or naptime routine.

Having a selection of pyjamas in their favourite colours, featuring TV characters that they love or are just so soft and snuggly that they can’t wait to snooze nearby to their bed is a great way to get toddlers picking out their favourite sleepwear and more willing to settle down for a well-earned rest. (for you and them!) 

Materials Matter 

Just like us, toddlers will sleep better if their bodies are at the right temperature and sleepwear is free of irritation. When choosing pyjamas for toddlers, focus on materials that are soft, free from chemicals and irritation. Cotton pyjamas are your best bet and it’s also best to avoid fleece or synthetic fabrics that can cause overheating or irritation on young children’s skin. 

Look for looser, stretchy pyjamas for the ultimate comfort. They shouldn’t be too loose that they ride up their legs and tummy and shouldn’t be so tight that they restrict movement. 

Love Layers 

What your toddler wears to bed will also be affected by the seasons and temperature, as young children feel temperature changes more readily than we do. With this in mind, a good rule of thumb is to dress toddlers a little more warmly than you’d want to dress if it’s cold, and a little cooler than you’d dress yourself when it’s hot. 

The best way to do this is to use layers. For example, if you are comfortable in a pair of cotton pyjamas, dress your little one in pyjamas and a blanket and the height of a summer heatwave, they’re likely to be fine in just a vest and nappy or underwear if potty training is going well. 

You can layer pyjamas with a thin vest, add socks or a onesie and whilst most toddlers start to use their own blanket from aged one and two, they do tend to kick them off the bed, so ensure they have enough on so that they don’t get cold in the night. 

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Now that we’ve shared some of our top tips for toddler’s nightwear, we can share some of our favourite designs from the store! 


Sleepsuits And Onesies 

Selection of sleepsuits and onesies

Sleepsuits are a great option for younger toddlers and with a great range of fun prints to choose from, we’re sure you'll find one your toddler will love! From Pepper Pig, George Pig, In the night garden, Sofia, Disney Princesses and DocMcstuffins to name just a few, these cute and practical designs will ensure bedtime is comfortable for your little ones. All feature 100% cotton material, soft arm and leg cuffs and are priced under £10. 

Girls Pyjamas 

Selection of girl's pyjamas from

Toddlers will be racing to get to their beds on the double with these pink Paw Patrol pyjamas. Featuring the lovable Skye, Marshall, Rubble and Chase, this pup-tacular pyjama set includes a pink long-sleeved top with a large print across the front complete with matching contrasting pink cuffed leg bottoms. 

Hey Duggee is a firm favourite with little ones and this short-sleeved top and shorts set are perfect for the summer. Featuring a giant duggee on the top and cute complimentary patterned bottoms, it’s sure to be one of their favourite sets to wear! 

For little ones that like their legs to be free, this cute My little pony nighty could be just what they need. Featuring a ruched shoulder and ruffles on the hem, it’s a pretty design that will be worn again and again. 

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Boys Pyjamas 

Selection of boys pyjamas

Fireman Sam is the hero next door that will make getting dressed for bedtime a breeze! Featuring a Fireman Sam Edge to Edge Design on top with matching long cuffed bottoms. 

Does your little boy dream of cowboy adventures with the Toy Story gang? This super comfy and cute Woody pyjama set features a long-sleeved top with matching elasticated bottoms that will have them dreaming of reaching for the stars in no time. 

This PJ Masks 2 piece set feature the Pj Mask crew with 'PJ Masks busy saving the day across the pyjama top and matching shorts for a cooler summer sleep option. 

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Some Of Our Favourites

Selection of superhero pyjamas for toddlers

We’ve shared a selection of girls' and boys' pyjamas above but here are a few more of our firm favourites to share with you.

  • Little Mermaid Super Cute Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Character Pyjamas. Princess of the sea. - £6.99 - Ages 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years. 
  • Cocomelon These colourful pyjamas are guaranteed to make bedtime fun! Check out these cocomelon PJs with matching cuffed leg bottoms. £9.99 - Ages 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years
  • Mickey Mouse is a longtime favourite for every Disney fan and this ‘M is for Mickey’ set is the perfect combination of fun, bright and soft. £9.99 Ages 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years.

If superheroes are your toddlers' thing then send them to bed ready to dream of saving the day with a whole collection of their own superhero-themed pyjamas. 

From Batman, spiderman, superman, the incredible hunk, the Incredibles, and more, they can be whoever they want to be! All of the pyjamas shown are made from 100% cotton, come in at under £13 and are available in a range of sizes between 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years. There are plenty of adult size superhero pyjamas available in the store too if you fancy joining your little one on their superhero adventures! 

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Dressing Gowns 

Selection of toddler dressing gowns

Whilst wearing a dressing gown to bed isn’t a great idea, no sofa snuggle is complete without a soft robe to wrap up in and stay cosy. Consider these Mickey Mouse and George Pig ones as they wind down and get ready for a nap or early bedtime. 



And there you have it, a selection of our favourite pyjamas for toddlers combined with plenty of tips on how your choice of sleepwear can give little ones the best chance to sleep soundly so they’re fully rested and replenish to keep you on your toes all over again tomorrow!

We hope you’ve got plenty of inspiration for pyjamas that tick all the boxes when it comes to asking ‘what should toddler wear to bed’ to keep them comfortable, safe, and actually wanting to get into bed. 

To recap, toddlers should wear sleepwear that is: 

  • Convenient - Easy to get on and off
  • Comfortable - Soft cotton without irritating fabrics avoid fleece or synthetic fabrics 
  • Layered - adding socks, vests and blankets to regulate temperature 
  • Practical - Kept in easy reach of their bed 
  • Safe - avoid loose threads, sequins, buttons or tassels
  • Fun to wear - Toddlers love to feel involved in deciding what they wear 

Whether you’re looking for comfy PJs, slippers and robes for your little girl or boy to sleep in, snuggle on the sofa with their favourite TV show in or curl up for bedtime stories in, there are plenty of toddler-friendly options to choose from in our online store. 

Head over to to pick out a new set of soft cotton, super snuggly pyjamas that little ones will want to wear over and over again including football, gaming, animal prints, Harry Potter, TV characters, superheroes and so much more!