Keep Warm with our Fleece Pyjamas

Fleece pyjamas are a great way to keep warm throughout the colder months. Whether you have a set of fleece PJs or an oversized fleece hoodie, you can cosy up at night knowing you will have a great night's sleep.

Our fleece nightwear is perfect for the whole family. We have a range of different character fleece pyjamas including Lilo and Stitch, Pokemon and your favourite football club.

Childrens Fleece Pyjamas

Choosing fleece pyjamas for your children is a great way to keep them warm on cold winter nights. 

Now with a huge selection of children’s character fleece PJs, your children can go to sleep with the comfort of their favourite characters.

Comfortable Men’s and Women’s Fleece Pyjamas

Fleece PJs aren’t just for children. We have a range of fleece pyjamas for women and fleece pyjamas for men. 

If you don’t want something you will be wearing all night, our collection of fleece dressing gowns and fleece hoodies are also a great choice for lounging around watching a film.

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