Sleepover Ideas for 10-Year-Olds: Fantastic Themes Your Kids Will Love

by mark milner on Nov 29, 2021

Sleepover Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

Sleepovers are such a fantastic way for kids to spend time with their friends and have a whole lot of fun. Your kids can get all their friends to come round, help prepare some delicious party snacks and have all day and night to pay without any annoying parents saying that they need to go home to bed! You don't need a reason to throw a sleepover party for your kids, just make sure they have as much fun as possible with movies, games and other entertainment!

But how can you plan a sleepover that none of the kids will ever forget? One great idea is to make it a themed sleepover to get all the guests in the mood for a party. With a little planning and creative thinking, your kids' sleepover is sure to be a memorable occasion!

To give you a helping hand, here are some awesome sleepover ideas for 10 year olds.

1. A Wild Animals Sleepover

wild animals sleepover

If your kids are wildlife crazy (and let's face it, all kids are!) a wild animals sleepover is the ideal way for them to unleash their spirit animals! To set the scene for the sleepover, you can use normal houseplants to decorate and get the kids to draw colourful pictures of their favourite animals to hang up around the house. You can create a different habitat in every room of your home; a rainforest living room, an ocean bathroom and an African safari bedroom. When it comes to snacks, you can have the kids make their own pizzas using the toppings to create their favourite animal's faces and decorate cupcakes to look like different creatures.

There are so many different party games for an awesome wild animals sleepover. For example, the kids can paint their faces or make their own animal masks and run around the house playing a game of tag. You can also set up a den building station to see which one they would most like to sleep in for the night.

We have a huge range of different animal pyjamas, onesies and nightwear to choose from which are perfect for both boys and girls. Once the kids are all snuggled up in their PJs, all you need to do is pop on The Lion King or the Jungle Book and leave them to fall asleep together.

2. An Outdoor Adventure Sleepover

An Outdoor Adventure Sleepover

Kids absolutely love sleeping outside with their friends so an outdoor adventure sleepover is an ideal way to give them a unique experience (which will also keep your home nice and clean!) If you have a big tent that will fit all the kids then that is perfect but if not, try speaking to the parents of the guests to see if someone can help you out. You can set up a speaker outside and play music or scary stories and even make a fire for the kids to sing songs or make marshmallows.

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so even if the weather forecast says it's going to be warm, make sure the kids all bring warm pyjamas with them for when the night creeps in. We also have a fantastic range of super snug dressing gowns which are sure to keep them as toasty as their marshmallows while they sleep.

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3. A Christmas Sleepover

christmas sleepover

For parents, the arrival of winter often means icy roads, traffic jams and commuting in the dark, but for kids, it means only one thing: Christmas! Every child loves Christmas so throwing a Christmas sleepover for your kids and their friends is a perfect way to get them in the holiday spirit!

Christmas sleepovers are super easy to plan because there are so many awesome games and activities for the kids. For example, the kids can play pin the nose on Rudolph or pass the Christmas present (a Christmas version of pass the parcel). They can also decorate their stockings and write Christmas lists for Santa.

In terms of snacks, there's an endless range of festive foods the kids can munch on. You could even try to make some Christmas tree biscuits or let them decorate gingerbread men and women with different icing colours!

When it comes to Christmas pyjamas, we have a wide variety for boys and girls as well as some awesome reindeer onesies and some different Christmas slippers, perfect for keeping feet and toes warm on cold December mornings. Once the kids are all ready for bed, pop on a classic Christmas movie like Elf or Home Alone and let them snuggle up under the covers.

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4. An Aliens and Astronauts Sleepover

aliens and astronauts sleepover

For all the wannabe aliens and astronauts, there is no better sleepover theme than outer-space. Decorating your home is super easy with some glow in the dark stars and planets, and you can even set up a telescope outside so that the kids can see if there are any aliens out there.

There are so many awesome games and activities for the kids to try like making alien masks or a moon obstacle course where they have to walk with big strides like Neil Armstrong. The kids can also paint their own spaceships using glow in the dark paints or make space slime (using baking soda, glue and water).

When it comes time to eat, we recommend using some space-themed plates and bowls with rockets on them and making snacks like Milky Way cookies or Mars bar milkshakes.

We have so many great pyjamas for space lovers like our Star Wars pyjamas which are perfect for both boys and girls. Once all the little space explorers are in bed, they can choose a classic Sci-Fi movie to fall asleep to with a big bowl of popcorn to share.

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5. A Pink and Pretty Sleepover

pink and pretty sleepover

As the old song goes, girls just wanna have fun, and what better way for your daughter and her girlfriends to get together with a pink and pretty sleepover (with strictly no boys allowed!) Decorating your home for a girl's party is easy with pink streamers, balloons and lots of pretty flower decorations.

For activities, you can play games like pin the tiara on Cinderella or pass the lipstick where each girl gets a turn to choose an accessory for themselves. The girls can also make their own lip gloss (using Vaseline, food colouring and powder) or make some cute cupcakes using pink icing.

When it comes to snacks, there are so many yummy goodies you can serve up like marshmallow pops, strawberry shortcakes and of course lots and lots of chocolate!

We have a huge range of pyjamas to suit every girl's hobbies and interests so no matter what they are into, we have you covered.

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6. A Match Day Sleepover

match day sleepover

Football truly is "the beautiful game", and if your kids are mad for Man Utd or go loopy for Liverpool, a match day sleepover is a fantastic way to celebrate a big game. Choose a Saturday when there is an exciting game on the telly and get all the kids around to watch.

Before and after the match, they can play football in the garden (with jumpers for goalposts, of course) and decorate cupcakes to look like footballs or with different coloured icing for their favourite teams' colours.

We have pyjamas, onesies and dressing gowns for all the biggest teams in Europe including Arsenal, Chelsea, the two Manchester teams, PSG and many others.

Once the kids are all in bed, they can play Fifa or football Top Trumps, or if they stay up really late, they can even watch Match of the Day!

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7. An Ocean World Sleepover

ocean world sleepover

Kids love ocean world sleepovers because they get a chance to immerse themselves in sharks, sailors, pirates and mermaids. You can host an ocean world sleepover any time, but the summer is usually the best time because it means the kids can have water fights or play slip and slide during the day.

For snacks, all you need to do is serve up piles and piles of seafood like barbecued prawns, calamari rings and fish fingers. Just make sure that there are no guests with any seafood allergies when you send out the invites so you can keep all the kids safe and provide alternatives where necessary.

When it comes time for bed, just pop on Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid and you can leave the kids to fall asleep and dream of underwater adventures.

We have some great pyjamas with all kinds of ocean characters on them so your little ones can get in the mood!

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8. A Snowman and Snowballs Sleepover

snowman and snowball sleepover

From the perfect summer sleepover to the perfect winter one, a snowman and snowballs sleepover is a great idea for letting the kids play out in the snow. This kind of party is best when it's done as a spur of the moment thing. The first time you wake up to a white garden, call around to the other parents and ask them to bring their kids around for a snowman and snowball party!

With winter-themed food, such as hot chocolate with marshmallows and baked potatoes with butter and cheese, the children will love it. For activities, the kids can build snowmen, have snowball fights and make snow angels.

There are so many awesome winter-themed movies like Frozen and Ice Age when it comes time for bed, and with our huge range of cosy winter pyjamas, your little ones are sure to be snug as a bug.

9. A Comic Book Sleepover

comic book sleepover

Every superhero movie fan dreams of becoming their favourite character, and with a comic book sleepover, the kids get to do just that! Decorating your home for a comic book sleepover is easy with balloons and streamers in the colours of your kids' favourite heroes (green for Hulk, red for Iron Man, black for Black Widow.)

When it comes time for snacks, you can have the kids decorate cookies to look like their favourite Marvel or DC Comics characters before settling down for a comic book movie marathon. You can even do a quiz where the kids have to match different superheroes to their arch-nemesis or alter egos.

We have loads of comic book nightwear for girls and boys so whether your kids are batty for Batman or go green for the Hulk, we have everything you need.

10. An Ultimate Gamers Sleepover

ultimate gamers sleepover

Kids love playing video games so what better way to celebrate their hobby than with an ultimate gamers sleepover. This is a super easy party to set up because all you need to do is prepare some snacks and set up a gaming tournament.

Whether your kids love Fifa, League of Legends or Mario Kart, they will get hours of entertainment competing against each other. For special game-themed snacks, you can decorate cakes and biscuits to look like the different items in Mario Kart or make a pizza with different toppings to look like the map in Minecraft.

When it comes time for bed, make sure everyone gets their beauty sleep because they will need all of their energy and enthusiasm if they want to win tomorrow's tournament!

We have some amazing pyjamas that your little gamers are going to love including a range of LOL pyjamas and some awesome gaming slogan sets.

Final Thoughts

A specially themed sleepover is a party that your kids and their friends will never forget! The best thing about all these sleepover ideas for 10-year-olds is that you can get the kids involved with every stage of the planning and preparation. With so much fun to be had, you can be sure they will all be exhausted when bedtime comes around!