What To pack For A Sleepover - The Ultimate Packing List!

by mark milner on Nov 29, 2021

What To pack For A Sleepover - The Ultimate Packing List!

If you’re shipping the kids off for a night of peace and quiet (yours, not theirs), or you plan on crashing at a friend's house after a big night out, then you might be wondering what to pack for a sleepover. 

The Ultimate Sleepover Packing list: 

Pyjamas are a given, but what about snacks, toiletries and a torch?

Read on for the ultimate list of what to pack for a sleepover to ensure you have everything that you or the kids need for a good ol’ slumber party. 

  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag or duvet, air bed 
  • Change of clothes 
  • Snacks 
  • Extra layers, hoody, blanket 
  • Toiletries 
  • Torch 
  • Medication, contacts, inhalers, glasses 
  • Phone charger and earphones 

Old or young, who doesn’t love a sleepover? From extending adventure day with cousins, inviting your besties over with the promise of a midnight feast, or hanging out with a friend you haven’t seen in ages to talk all night long, there is something a bit special about snuggling up in your PJs surrounded by your favourite people. 

At, we love everything about sleepovers, especially picking out the perfect pair of PJ’s to take. Whether the sleepover is part of a themed party, movie night marathon, post-night-out sofa crash or just a good old fashioned, pamper-filled sleepover, we’ve got a huge variety of sleepwear to choose from.

We’ve got soft, comfortable, cotton pyjamas sporting superheroes, sports teams, classic Disney, gaming themes, TV favourites, animals, funky prints, cute designs in styles and sizes to suit every age range, budget and season there is so much choice, you might end up packing more than one pair!

Read on for the essentials that everyone should fill their overnight bag with when a sleepover is on the cards. 



Depending on the time of year, how attached you or the kids are to a favourite pillow, or where the sleepover is taking place, you might need to take some bedding. A pillow, camping mat, and sleeping bag would be sufficient for most overnight stays but if you want the ultimate in snuggly sleepover vibes, taking your duvet is a great idea too. 

When it comes to bedding, the trick is to get the lay of the land before you pack. Depending on space and planning, the host may have sorted cute sleepover teepees, air beds, or sofa space for everybody already. Knowing these plans in advance will ensure you don’t pack more than you need. 

Pro-tip - to make carrying bulky bedding easier to carry, use one of those super-sized laundry bags or roll your pillow up inside the duvet like a sausage roll, then use your dressing gown tie to hold it all together! 

Change Of Clothes 

Packing a change of clothes, including socks and underwear not only provides options if little ones have an accident in the night, or if things get messy with games and activities, but will also ensure everyone has something fresh to put on in the morning.

So, even if you don’t catch many zzz’s, it’s amazing how much better you will feel wearing a clean change of clothes.

Toiletries Or Wash Bag 

The level of prep needed for this item will vary with age. Under ten-year-olds will be fine with just a toothbrush and hairbrush but tweens, teenagers and adults might want to pack a few more bits to keep them happy. 

Consider a deodorant, sanitary items, face wipes, make-up and miniature shampoos or shower gels all stored in a waterproof zip bag or dedicated show bag.

If you’re packing for yourself, you might want to include your favourite perfume, moisturiser or aftershave to feel human again after not a lot of sleep too!

Extra Layers Or Blankets

If you or the children tend to feel the cold, it might be worth popping in an extra pair of socks, a sleepsuit or onesie, a favourite blanket or a hoodie to pop over PJs in the night if the room is a bit chilly.

Having a blanket that smells like home is also a great option for little ones that might feel a bit homesick so is both a comforter as well as a practical item for younger sleepover goers to pack.


A torch is an item for younger sleepover attendees to take and an optional extra for everyone else.

Most older children and adults will have a phone with an in-built torch but for little ones, a torch can be a great source of entertainment during the evening as they make shadow puppets and light up their hands and faces.

When the lights go out, it will also have a practical purpose of being able to find the loo without stepping on their friends in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar house. 

Medicine, Contacts, Inhalers, Glasses

If you or your children need prescription medication, wear contact lenses or glasses, or use a retainer at night, you should make sure everything that might be needed for the time you’re away from home is packed. 

Important things to consider when checking off your packing list include; inhalers, contraceptive pills, vitamins, medications, epi-pens, glucose metres and insulin for diabetics, and pain relief to combat headaches from all the chatter!

If your children are likely to need assistance with any of the above, it is a good idea to include some written instructions along with your contact number to leave with the supervising adults. 

Phone Charger And Earphones 

Girls at sleepover with phone

Our lives revolve around our phones these days, so always pack a charger or have one handy in the car to ensure you remain accessible when away, and have enough battery for the barrage of photos that will be taken.

You could have the comfiest sleepover set up in the world but sometimes, just not being in your bed, with the unfamiliar smells and sounds of a new place is enough for a restless night’s sleep.

If you or your children are light sleepers, consider packing a pair of earphones to listen to music or watch an episode of a favourite series on your phone to aid the process of falling asleep, without disturbing the rest of the group.


Depending on who you ask, the stash of midnight feast snacks could be the most important thing to pack! Whether you’re going prepared with healthy options like trail mix and fruit to stave off hunger pangs until breakfast is ready, or if you’re going full-on family-sized pick n mix and chocolate for the ultimate sugar high, consider portable snacks that are easy to share around.


It almost goes without saying but no sleepover is complete without your favourite pyjamas, and you may even want to pack your slippers and dressing gown for the ultimate cosy feelings when away from home.

Here at, it just so happens we know a thing or two about sleepwear, so here are just a few of our favourite options for under 10s, tweens, teenagers and adults heading out for a sleepover. 

To see our full range of baby, kids, and adult sleepwear, head to

Under 10’s

Young Boy and girls dressed in Pyjamas

Sending your youngster off for the night? Don’t forget to label anything they take so it stands the best chance of making it home again! An under 10 sleepover is a brilliant age range for building forts and building confidence with a first night away from home. As they try to keep their eyes open until midnight.

If your little one is a little nervous, consider sending their favourite teddy and PJs with them. If they’re likely to be a fussy eater, packing some easy go-to snacks you know they will eat will ensure they don’t go to bed hungry, and always leave your number with the host parents so a check-in phone call can be had if they get a bit tearful.

Some of our cutest pyjama prints are made for girls and boys under 10’s with short and longer versions available in most designs so they can keep cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. From Frozen, LOL dolls, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Animals, Slogans, Hearts, spots and stripes, we guarantee you'll find sleepwear that will get them into bed in record time! 

View all pyjamas for under 10’s 

These Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Pyjamas come in shorts and long bottoms and will have them snuggled up in ‘snow time’. Ages 2-3 - 7-8, they’re great for little ones that love all things Frozen. We also love these bright pink patterned ‘follow the rainbow’ pyjamas, perfect for all the little unicorn fans out there, available in ages 6-7 - 8-9.

We think your little man will melt hearts in these Christmas themed ‘Little Bear’ pyjamas which are a great option to combat chilly winter sleepovers with their long bottoms and 100% cotton featuring a lovely winter print. Available in ages 2-3 - 10-11. 

Tween Sleepover 

Tween girls on bed at sleepover

Not quite a teenager, but over the age of ten, these youngsters are quickly turning into young adults and love nothing more than a night surrounded by their besties, up till all hours and full of sugar! 

Our range of fun and functional PJs are the best for this age range and feature soft cotton shorts or longer bottoms with matching tops in all manner of great designs suitable for boys and girls. 

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Pyjamas for tweens

These gorgeous ‘it’s been a long day’ PJs are perfect for girly dog lovers. Featuring bright pink heart patterned bottoms and an extra-long sausage dog top, they’re sure to make everyone smile. Available in short or long bottoms. 

If Football is your little guy’s bag, then this black and red, official Liverpool FC PJ set is sure to have them dreaming of scoring all the goals. 

Teenage Sleepovers 

It’s probably best to stay well away for a teenage sleepover! Your only duty here is to ensure the fridge is stocked, takeaway menus are available, and everyone knows where the loo is. This kind of sleepover will stay up far later than you can, so shut the door and enjoy a night of TV - just stay on standby for teenage squabbles or unexpected sickness!

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Pyjamas for teenage girls

The Friends revival on Netflix means a whole new generation of teens are enjoying the trials and tribulations of Ross, Rachel and the gang. Do you remember the one with the sleepover? Check out this central perkshort pyjamas for girls which come in a long bottomed version too. 

We think this ‘game over’ onesie sleepsuit is perfect for teenagers who like to lounge! Made from 100% soft cotton and with a full zip, it’s easy to get in and out of but we think it’ll be on far more than it’s off! 

And For The Adults...

You’re never too old for a sleepover! Whether you’ve been planning a night away with friends for months, have a girly slumber party on the cards, or end up crashing at a friend's house on short notice, we’ve got a brilliant range of pyjamas available for adults in sizes 8-24. 

Go for comfort and modesty when staying away from home and don’t forget to have some spare cash available to chip in for take-aways or impromptu visits to the pub. Having a zipped bag of mini toiletries on hand is a great way to ensure you have all your usual lotions and potions to hand. 

Looking to top up your PJ stash?

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Adult pyjamas

For anyone that still dreams of being a superhero, this classic batman set features an all-over batman logo bottom and classic black short sleeve tee available in sizes S to XXL, and this superman set in classic red and blue colours will have you flying off to sleep in no time.

We love this black and white Mickey and Minnie Mouse ladies set available in sizes 6-8- 22-24, as well as this classic navy and white striped ‘sparkle’ set in S, M, L sizes. Finally, you'll have sweet dreams all around in this peach and white tatty teddy set.


We’ve covered lots of key things to remember to pack, but anyone going to a sleepover will need a great bag to carry everything in. We also have a great range of character backpacks suitable for boys and girls, and for extra parent points, you could surprise them with a bag with their favourite Frozen, Pepper Pig, Paw Patrol, Gaming and Harry Potter characters on. 

When it comes to sleepover bags, we recommend having multiple compartments to keep clothing and toiletries separate, and for it to be big enough for a change of clothes. If using a bag with a single zip compartment, consider using zip lock bags or smaller wash bags to separate things inside. 

View all bags and rucksacks 

And there you have it - our ultimate sleepover packing list. We hope we’ve given you plenty of things to consider the next time you're wondering what to pack for a sleepover. Whether it’s for your own night away or if you’re shipping off the kids for some peace and quiet, if you want to top up on snuggly sleepwear, fun prints or favourite character and TV themed Pjs, then head over to where you will find everything you need for a cosy night in, including dressing gowns, bags and onesies.