Plan the Perfect Disney Sleepover for Adults!

by Boost Commerce Collaborator on Jul 25, 2019

Adult Disney Sleepover

You're never too old for Disney and who said it just has to be the kids have the fun when it comes to bedtime? Your age definitely doesn't mean you should miss out on all the fun of have a good old sleepover. We loved them when we where children, so why can't we enjoy them just as much now that we're adults? It's time to get your cosy PJ's on and invite your best pals over for a Disney sleepover that the kid inside of you is screaming out for. 

How To Plan The Perfect Disney Sleepover For Adults  

1. Create A WhatsApp Group

In adult life, is there any better way to get all your pals involved than creating a WhatsApp group? It simplifies inviting everyone and makes the planning process a little bit more fun and means you can get everyone involved. 

2. Get The Party Started With Disney Themed Cocktails

Just when you thought cocktails couldn't get any better, they've crossed them with your favourite Disney Characters! What more could you want? You can wing it and go crazy with making your own boozey concoction, or follow a Disney Cocktail Recipe with your pals! 

Disney Themed Cocktails

3. Get Out Your Adult Anger With A Disney Piñata  

You may associate Piñata's with children's birthday parties, however, exchange the sweets and treats for booze and you've got yourself a Piñata that the adults will be going crazy for! It's the perfect addition to your Disney sleepover!

Disney Piñata

4. Get Matching Disney Pyjamas 

No sleepover is complete without pyjamas! Treat you and your pals to some adorable Ladies Disney Pyjamas, it will make the sleepover seem that little bit more special and gives you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some cosy new PJs! 

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Adult Disney Pyjamas