Frozen Party Ideas - Food, Decorations, Sleepwear And More! 

by mark milner on Sep 13, 2021

Frozen Party Ideas
If you’re like us, and love an excuse for a party now that the world is opening up again, then we think the Frozen party ideas below will give you everything that you need to plan a perfect party for little ones, (and big ones) that adore this fantastic Disney franchise. 

Frozen Inspired Party Ideas 

With it’s two awesome princesses, family friendly, happy ending story-line, and everyone’s favorite talking snowman and reindeer, it’s no wonder that Frozen has become one of the most successful Disney movies of all time since it launched 8 years ago in 2013 - has it really been that long?!

With the Frozen II sequel in the bag and Frozen the musical launching in the West End from September 2021, adults and children alike are re-discovering that Frozen magic all over again. What better opportunity is there then, to celebrate all things Frozen with a themed party?

Here at, sleepwear is our bag so we couldn’t talk about Frozen party ideas without thinking about how our fabulous, Frozen inspired pyjama prints can make the party even better! From a movie themed sleepover, to beautiful birthday gifts for friends, or just super comfortable pyjamas to wear on your next sofa snuggle party, we have plenty of Frozen themed sleepwear for children aged 18 months to 12 years to choose from, if they just can’t let Frozen go. 

We’ve got soft, comfortable, cotton pyjamas to keep the biggest frozen fans cool in summer and cosy in winter. So whether you’re planning a sleepover party, want them drifting off as happy as Olaf or just want to give them a comfy outfit to watch the movie in for the 100th time, then we’ve got plenty of Frozen sleepwear options for everyone. 

Ready to build a pretty awesome party? To turn your house or party venue into a spectacular Ice world filled with snowflakes, balloon arches, cake stands and Arendelle inspired nibbles, read on for our Frozen inspired party ideas! 



No party is complete without music and with such an awesome soundtrack, there really is no need to look anywhere else for your Frozen party music. Load up your movie playlist and hit play for the perfect background party music or crank up the volume for a sing-along and upbeat musical chairs game. You might want to ‘let it go’ when it comes to some of the lesser known songs, but is there anyone who doesn’t know the words to the chart topping main theme song? 



When you think of Frozen, we bet your mind conjures up images of Elsa’s wintery wonderland filled with icy blues, pearly whites and sparkly silvers. The good news is, when it comes to decorations, these colours are easy to find and can be dotted throughout your party venue from top to bottom, to create the ultimate Frozen themed party space. 

From balloon arches, snowball garlands, snowflake cutouts, icicle table decorations to the more practical requirement of paper cups, plates and straws, there is no party piece that isn’t given an extra bit of magic when themed in the style of our favourite movie. (There are extra points on offer for going all out with a snow machine, or, you can just scatter some fake sparkly snow on the table for slightly less mess!)

Food, Glorious Food 

Food Glorious Food

Who doesn’t love a good spread of party food? There is plenty of scope to really bring your Frozen party theme to life with some easy to create, and delicious party food that even the fussiest of eaters will love. 

Our tip for the Frozen party food is to keep it simple whilst following a winter wonderland colour palette full of whites, blues and silvers wherever possible. Knowing how important it is to replenish their energy levels when little ones are running around at a party, what better way to entice them to fill up than sharing frozen inspired snacks from their very own ice table. Disclaimer - sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there is just no competition for a slice of pizza and bowl of crisps, so don’t worry if a Frozen feast is a step too far for you! 

If you fancy giving it a go though, we think that ‘Yellow Bliss Road’ have done this superbly with their snowy dessert table idea that is filled with snowball cookies, marshmallow sticks, fluffy cupcakes and snow-corn cups. (that’s popcorn to you and me!) 

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Games Galore

Party games have the potential to create some of the best memories at kids parties so we’ve got a great selection of wintery themed winners to choose from, to really keep on top of the Frozen theme. 

Fancy refereeing a snowball fight without waiting until January and getting your carpets wet? Scrunch up some paper and you’re away! You can also find super soft cotton snowballs that will be sure to get them running, dodging and firing in no time. 

For a more sedate option, find some small white ping pong balls or boules for some snowy themed skittle practice, then print out a picture of Sven or Olaf for a fun variations on pin the tail on the donkey, and get crafty with the scissors cutting out snowflake decorations that they can take home.

Sleepwear For Frozen Fans 

We’ve lost count of the number of times our little ones have asked for a sleepover with their friends, so if your Frozen party idea includes a sleepover, or maybe you’re sending the kids off to somebody else's house for their first sleepover, (well done!), then let’s talk about all things Frozen-inspired sleepwear. 

From summer shorts to winter bottoms, and accessories, we’ve got plenty of cute prints featuring Elsa, Anna, Sven, Christoph and Olaf from Frozen and Frozen II, ready to bring smiles to everyone's face, all year round. 


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Disney Olaf ' I'm An Expert In The Snow' Frozen Long Pyjamas

Disney Olaf ' I'm An Expert In The Snow' Frozen Long Pyjamas

Just like Olaf and Elsa, the cold won’t bother the kids in these super warm, ‘expert in the snow’ designed long sleeved and full length pyjamas bottoms.

The giant Olaf, the world’s happiest, and possibly only talking snowman will make these super cute pyjamas a firm favourite that little ones will want to wear again and again. 

This set comes in a pretty purple and blue cotton with contrast green stitching at the cuffs and neckline. Plain purple bottoms mean they are a great option to mix and match with all their other nightwear too. 

Disney Frozen 2 Short Pyjamas Elsa Anna Kristoff Olaf Sven

First up is our Disney Frozen 2 short pyjama set featuring Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. This Frozen pyjama set comes in a cool icy blue cotton, and features all of their favourite characters right across the front of the short sleeved top. There is a smaller motif of just Anna and Elsa on the front of the shorts and the set comes in ages 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and 7-8. Priced at £9.99. 

Believe The Journey, Frozen Pyjamas

Disney Girls Frozen Believe in The Journey Long Pyjamas

If you loved the Frozen 2 short pyjama set but want something a little warmer for the winter, then we also have a very similar design in a long sleeved top and ankle length PJ bottoms. The graphic on the front of the top and bottom of the trousers features all of the same characters but the background and wording differs slightly. 

The summer, or shorter pyjama set features the words ‘travelling north’ and ‘believe in the journey’ is shown on the longer set. The long pyjamas are also available in a tiny 18-24 month size to ensure the whole family can join in with the Frozen magic as soon as they can walk! Usually priced at £9.99, this set is currently on sale and can be snapped up for just £4.99. 

Sofa Party Anyone? 

Sometimes, the best party can be the movie days that you spend at home curled up on the sofa with your kids. As the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn, we think there will be quite a few little frozen fans that can’t wait to snuggle up under the duvet to re-watch their favourite film again. 

We might be biased but we think it’s fair to say that no sofa movie party or Frozen marathon is complete without Frozen Pyjamas. So, stand by, as we share even more of our favourite frozen Pjs for little ones to enjoy! 

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Pyjamas - Dream Of Magic

Frozen, Believe In Magic Pyjamas

If you have a little princess that dreams of having magical ice powers like Elsa then this set of long sleeved, dream of magic pyjamas  will swiftly become a bedtime favourite this wintertime. 

The top features a large Elsa print on a blue background with big snowflakes and the words ‘dream of magic’. There are dark blue contracting cuffs and a neckline. The matching cuffed bottoms are adorned all over with a beautiful Elsa graphic and icicles. Available in sizes 2-3 up to 7-8 for just £7.99, reduced from £11.99. 

Dream Of Magic Shorts

If your little ones prefer shorts and t-shirts to sleep in, then this gorgeous ‘dream of magic’ print is also available in our short length sets for £9.99. Sized for ages 2-3 up to 6-7 and without the navy arm cuffs, this set is perfect to keep them cool in the summer months. 

Frozen 2 Short Pyjamas With Elsa And Olaf

Frozen 2 Short Pyjamas With Elsa And Olaf

We were delighted when our favourite double act teamed up again in Frozen II so if your little ones love the partnership and magic between Olaf and Elsa too, then this lovely purple shorts set could be just what they need to drift off to a land far, far away at bedtime. Priced at £9.99, this set comes in our younger sizes from 18-24 months up to ages 4-5. 


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Girls Disney Frozen, Anna And Elsa Long Pyjamas

Girls Disney Frozen, Anna And Elsa Long Pyjamas

We love the supportive and dynamic relationship of siblings Elsa and Anna in Frozen and Frozen II as they venture through the icy wilderness. On this gorgeous, pale blue set with contrasting pink cuffs and neckline, both princesses are featured along with everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf, with the words ‘Trust Your Journey’ on the top. 

The matching bottoms have an all over white icy woodland pattern on blue with contrasting pink cuffs. Made from 100% cotton and as they’re available in sizes up to 9-10 for just £11.99, even the coolest of pre-teens won’t be able to resist this set of pyjamas. 

Frozen Backpack 

Frozen Backpack

Whether the kids are looking for a new school bag, or need something to stash their pyjamas in at the next frozen themed sleepover, this cute blue and pink backpack  is the perfect solution for the biggest of Frozen fans and mean that little ones can take Elsa, Anna and Olaf with them with this handy sized bag. 

We think this bag is perfect for hanging on a school peg, stashing their favorite pyjamas when on holiday, packing with all their essentials for a day of fun, and would make a lovely Christmas or birthday present for any Frozen fan. The rucksack measures 31 x 26 x 6 cm, comes with a handy exterior pocket for even more storage and has a zipped opening for easy access. You can snap one up for £12.99.

Frozen Party Ideas 

And there you have it, our jam packed list of Frozen party ideas! We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration on how to create a magical, Frozen inspired winter wonderland for your own little princesses and cheeky snowmen. 

Whether you’re shopping for a special party, just need snuggly sleepwear for snoozing, or want a gorgeous gift that every little Frozen fanatic will love, we hope you find everything you need in the Frozen collection at